Vegware – Sustainable Restaurant Association approved supplier!

We are now accredited by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, making us an official Food Made Good Approved Supplier! The certification is the result of passing a stringent sustainability audit, so customers can rest assured that our packaging is made in the most sustainable way possible, and that our business is always looking for ways to get greener! Check out our Food Made Good profile here

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Plate2planet launched to share best practice – with Vegware in ‘sustainability seven’

Some of the UK’s most forward thinking foodservice companies have united – for the first time ever – to launch a powerful sustainability initiative, set to revolutionise how the industry shares green knowledge, guidelines and best practice examples. A recent survey revealed the continued need for foodservice operators to drive sustainability within their business, responding to the 83% of consumers that said sustainability directly affects their dining choices.

plate2planet is the new ‘green alliance’ between seven of the UK’s key foodservice businesses – Vegware, Unilever, Premier Foods, Delifrance UK, Planet First and Jacobs Douwe Egberts, powered by Bidvest Foodservice – and marks a step change towards a truly collaborative approach to the sustainability challenges faced by the industry.

The group, dubbed ‘the sustainability seven’, are pooling their resources to offer operators across all channels the opportunity to share ideas, inspiration, and expertise via a ‘one-stop-shop’ digital platform. The platform provides a forum for likeminded caterers, providing access to useful and practical information for those looking for help and solutions including how to guides, inspiring case studies, guidance on regulations, handy tools, and inspiring supply chain stories. In fact everything businesses need whether they are looking to generate savings, achieve zero to landfill, source sustainably or plan their own CSR journey.

Vegware eco packaging Christmas disposable plastic party

Festive opening times and Christmas delivery dates

Yep, it’s dark outside and there’s mince pies in the shops. Time to tell you about Vegware’s important dates over the Christmas and New Year period!

  • Closed for Christmas: Thurs 24th, Fri 25th, Mon 28th December 2015
  • Open again: Tues 29th, Weds 30th, Thurs 31st until 12:30pm. Last minute emergency deliveries can be made on these days but please be aware our elves are busy and have probably eaten too much pudding.
  • Closed for New Year: after 12:30pm Thurs 31st December (happy new year!)
  • Open again: 9am Monday 4th January. Hello 2016!

Want to guarantee UK delivery by 23rd December? Here’s when to order…

  • Pallet orders: 1pm Friday the 18th of December
  • Smaller parcel orders: 3pm 21st December

That’s all folks – we hope all your dreams come true in 2016. Except the weird ones about being trapped in exam halls and so on.

Vegware chip

New kraft chip cone

Chips to go? Or chestnuts or pretzels? Here’s a simple solution – our new kraft chip cones. Perfect for street food or events catering.

  • Eco chic style
  • Compact stacking
  • Super simple assembly

And what about the environmental bit? It’s sustainably sourced board, and completely compostable after use. Or recyclable with card, if it’s dry and free of any food residue.

What are you using them for? Tweet your pics to @vegware!

Untitled design (16)

Return of the Christmas jumper cups!

Vegware-eco-packaging-christmas-jumper-cupThey’re back! Everyone loves our festive jumper cups, and we can’t wait to see them in cafes and Christmas markets up and down the country again this year.

They’re knitty and pretty and green all over, with a plant-based PLA lining with 72% less carbon than plastic. Perfect for hot chocolates, mulled wines, egg nogs, or just a plain old coffee, put some Christmas cheer in your cups this year!

They’re cosying up to our other double wall cups. Or if you fancy your very own custom version, get in touch with our design elves on!

Vegware eco packaging recycled card noodle boxes

New 32oz noodle boxes… WOK ON!

Whether it’s chow mein, pad thai, or Singapore style that gets you going, our brand new noodle boxes are the perfect vessel for takeaway slurping.

  • Eco-friendly sustainably sourced board
  • Leak-proof corners – no sauce on your shoes!
  • Stack neatly – they won’t take up precious space in your noodle truck/ambulance/horse-drawn cart
  • Easy to stamp or sticker to get your name out there

Of course, they’re not just for noodles – other uses we can think of include: rice dishes, pasta pots, salad servings, an impromptu fez or a plant pot. Just use your noodle.

Find our new noodle boxes nestling with their food cartons cousins.

Vegware compostable cutlery pack biodegradable eco sustainable disposable

Compostable cutlery kits – now with 100% recycled cutlery!

Meet our new and improved compostable cutlery kits – containing a knife, fork, spoon and napkin, they’re the perfect portable meal kit.

  • All of the cutlery is now 100% recycled, made from RCPLA, a plant material with 90% less embodied carbon than plastic. It’s still certified compostable too. We took 2 years of R&D to create this cutlery and we’re very proud of it!
  • Even better, the wrapping is made from compostable Mater-Bi film, the same material as our bin liners – perfect for recycling with food waste!
  • Finally, our napkins are made from sustainably sourced fibre with high recycled content, and bleached using an eco chlorine-free process.

New! Gourmet Range bagasse lid

Meet the new bagasse lid for our award-winning Gourmet Range! The latest Vegware innovation features a unique, patent-pending anti-spill design which uses a system of interlocking tabs to create a tight fit. This means no side to side or up and down movement, keeping hot or cold food contained on the go. Of course, bagasse also means great eco-benefits – 99% less carbon than plastic, and made using leftover fibre from sugar production! Practical, economic and stylish – at last, eco has closure!

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New classroom resources – Bin Detective Primary Kit

Vegware has launched the Bin Detective, a cartoon character with an educational resource kit helping schools teach about recycling. The concept empowers students to become Bin Detectives and change behaviours at school and at home.

The Primary Kit, launched for autumn term 2015, includes an interactive classroom presentation, a poster, and teachers’ notes describing a range of activities. Created by Vegware’s in-house environmental team, based on their experience of communicating about zero waste, it is available for free at

Bin Detective – classroom recycling activities from Vegware on Vimeo.

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