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Case studies

Our Beyond Packaging team is always happy to go that extra mile for our customers. From custom branding, to assisting with recycling and the composting of our products we’re always on hand to ensure our customers are making the most of our sustainable products. Check out our case studies below to view some of our work and collaborations. 




On-site composting with Vegware, Tidy Planet and Dundee & Angus College  


One of the most sustainable ways to dispose of your Vegware is to compost on site. We visited Dundee and Angus College to view how their Vegware products go full circle from waste to newly generated compost.







University of Cambridge goes compostable with Vegware 


Every month, the University of Cambridge saves 1.5 tonnes of carbon. How? By switching to compostable packaging, creating clear bin signage, training catering staff and engaging students.

The University of Cambridge Catering Services use Vegware catering disposables made from plants, not plastic.

All Vegware products, from takeaway boxes and plates to coffee cups and cutlery, is recycled with food waste.

Vegware's environmental team helped set up the right waste system for all used Vegware to be composted together with food waste, and ran Green Day events to help students understand the new bin system.








How to make your cafe sustainable - The Green Tree Collection


The Green Tree collection is Vegware’s practical, eco solution for takeaway food. Amanda and Sean at Pumpkin Brown cafe in Edinburgh are committed to making their business sustainable, and told us why the Green Tree collection is the perfect fit for their delicious dishes.







River Cottage goes compostable 


Vegware worked with River Cottage to make their Spring Food Fair as sustainable as possible. By using Vegware compostable packaging and with our recycling support, they achieved a whopping 72% recycling rate - far beyond the UK event average of 15%.  







Edinburgh Mela - zero polystyrene, zero waste  


Edinburgh Mela's Director Chris Purnell explains why and how the this multicultural performing arts event has banned polystyrene and gone completely compostable - for a zero waste festival.







University of York Students’ Union & compostable cups 


University of York Students' Union (YUSU) goes completely compostable with custom coffee cups by Vegware.