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Bags to go


  • BAGS of choice!
  • food-safe
  • heat-sealable options
  • commercially compostable - read more


What a lot of bags. Need visibility? We have food-grade clear bags made from NatureFlex, or plant-based PLA film. Both are compostable - NatureFlex is even suitable for home composting – and heat sealable. Want to test the seal? We’re very happy to send samples – order here.


Our paper bags have a clear plant-based PLA window. Sustainable kraft bags are great for paninis to bread rolls. And our greaseproof window bags are ideal for sticky pastries!


The newest addition is our sturdy bloomer bag  with clear  a NatureFlex window. Fully lined with  plant-based PLA, so it's perfect for cold grab-and-go sandwiches, cookies and baking.


Our classic paper bags come in four square sizes. Choose from recycled kraft, or sustainably-sourced white paper which has been bleached using an eco, chlorine-free process.


Please contact us for information on custom or printed products, and metalized PLA baguette bags.



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Bloomer bags and sandwich sofa

Fantastic, clear presentation across both sofa and bag. Sandwich sofa is ideal for traditional square cut sandwiches and fits perfectly inside the bloomer bag to create the ideal eco takeaway sandwich combo. 

Paper PLA window bags

Paper flat bags with a clear window. The big difference is that our window is made of plant-based PLA.  Our greaseproof bags are great for sticky pastries or filled paninis. 

NatureFlex bags


NatureFlex is a home compostable clear film made from wood pulp. We find that a 30 micron Natureflex bag is very robust - they are used for assembly of our cutlery packs and are perfect for many different uses. 

PLA sandwich bags



We offer 3 sizes of plant-based PLA sandwich bags. PLA is nice and strong and so is ideally suited for larger bags and sheets for food wrapping. We use a 25 micron clear front, with a 40 micron white back, which makes a stunning and functional sandwich / food bag. 

Paper bags

Four classic sizes of strung bag in kraft or white. Choose from fully recycled brown kraft, or sustainably-sourced white paper which has been bleached using an eco chlorine-free process.