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How to buy

  • Regular orders - through a distribution partner

We work with a network of distributors throughout the UK who are happy to help you and process your order for our range of compostable products. To find your local Vegware distributor get in touch with our helpful team.


  • One-off orders - direct from Vegware

Having a party or event at home? Individuals can order eco party supplies direct from our online catalogue. Here's more advice about online orders.


Vegware + your distributor = fantastic support

Contact sales@vegware.co.uk so we can match you up with your ideal distributor. Here's who does what...


  • Your distributor

Your distributor deals with ordering, pricing, and deliveries. A good distributor adds a lot of value. If you experience problems with a distributor, please let us know and we will do our best to help resolve any issues.


  • The Vegware team

Vegware is always here for our clients and we never want to lose direct communication. No matter which distributor you order through, Vegware still supports all clients with our ‘beyond packaging’ services - contact more@vegware.co.uk for any of these services...


Eco Audits

Count your eco savings by the kilo! Free tailored Eco Audits quantifying carbon saved, virgin materials saved, and potential landfill diversion. 


Communications support

Let's communicate your green achievements! Case studies, text for you to use, joint PR and social media support.


Creative consultancy

We help your brand stand out! Product design, bespoke posters, table talkers, bin signge and more. Our Custom Print Cafe creates branded eco packaging.


Environmental consultancy

Our in-house expertise can help your business reduce waste and communicate the best recycling practices.

The Food Waste Network

Our free service maps all UK food waste recycling and matchmakes any business with its ideal services www.foodwastenetwork.org.uk

Vegware Community Fund

Supporting sustainability projects around the world.



Benefits of using a distributor

There are big environmental and economic benefits to buying Vegware through a distributor.


  • Efficient deliveries - Vegware to our distributors

Rather than sending out a few cases or a pallet direct to sites, Vegware can send full 26-pallet lorry loads into distribution hubs which maximises efficiency, reducing carbon and overheads.


  • Efficient deliveries - our distributors to our clients

Distributors have carefully planned rounds delivering goods to customers along the most fuel-efficient route. So adding on some cases of Vegware for an existing client or a new local client gives very little additional cost to deliver. This brings more carbon and cost efficiencies, and the chance to consolidate your Vegware with other goods from the same distributor, like food or janitorial supplies.


  • Local support

Distributors have a local presence, which means that the service should be exemplary, and there’s always an account manager on hand to help look at new solutions or resolve any issues.




Any questions?

We take a lot of pride in our customer service - we're here to help. If you have any questions, get in touch!

Ring us Monday to Friday between 9am and 5:30pm UK time on 0330 223 0400 or email us on office@vegware.co.uk.