Vegware festive opening hours

Our offices will be closed for Christmas on the 25th and 26th December and for New Year on 1st January.

For any UK orders needed before Christmas, all parcel and pallet orders must be placed by 18th December (by 13:00 for pallet orders and 15:00 for parcel orders). Please see the table below for delivery dates during this festive period.

From everyone at Vegware we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes.

Birmingham’s new waste collection for Vegware

Exciting news for  businesses in Birmingham, from Solihull to Chelmsley Wood, Castle Bromwich, up to Four Oaks,  Walsall  centre, West Bromwich, Oldbury and the south of Birmingham pretty much as far as the M42. There is now a trade collection service in your area for Vegware’s compostable disposables. 

A first-rate partnership 

Used Vegware packaging can be collected by First Mile who will take it to a specialist waste facility to create soil improver. Improving soils helps grow more crops and can help tackle climate change by keeping carbon within the soil structure.  

A plant-based solution 

Vegware compostable products are made from plants using renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials and these sustainability benefits apply no matter what happens to them after use. But now, our new partnership with First Mile creates a waste solution for businesses in Birmingham.  

If you’d like to hear more about our Vegware packaging collection contact our Environmental team today.  Our  Environmental team can provide expert step by step support to help get your business composting. Get in touch here! 

New Case Study! Direct Line Group Bristol Close The Loop

Direct Line Group (DLG) has ambitious sustainability goals. By partnering with Vegware and its Close the Loop service, DLG has switched to plant-based packaging and is implementing real change. DLG decided to start that journey with their Bristol site.

DLG chose Vegware to meet the needs of the catering teams in their busy restaurants, as well help them reach their sustainability targets. Their used Vegware is collected on Vegware’s Close the Loop Bristol collection service and taken for composting in Gloucestershire. With Close the Loop, DLG knows that waste is processed locally, and the compost generated is used on local farmers’ fields.

“The support that was given to us by Vegware in terms of getting it right and getting the products right was second to none.” Charmaine Beth, Mainstay FM, Guest Services Manager.

Employees at their Bristol office are proud to be part of an innovative solution that improves sustainability in their city. Read more.

Recycle Week

It’s Recycle Week! Vegware’s activity sheets help children recycle at home, school and on the go. Our Bin Detective sheets help young recyclers ‘Use it! Check it! Bin it!’ by highlighting the differences in packaging and which bin to put it in.  

Conventional foodservice packaging is a mix of materials, which is can be a challenge to recycle, meaning it often ends up in landfill. Compostables are designed to be recycled with food waste where accepted, turning into nutrient-rich compost for local farmers’ fields. Composting is a form of recycling that keeps resources local.  

With colouring in and sorting sheets, crosswords and word searches, Vegware’s activity sheets answer a wide range of questions about compost, compostables, material segregation and the importance of recycling. Helping recyclers use it, check it, bin it this recycling week and forever.  

Download Vegware’s activity sheets here

RecycleBox – a new post-back service for Vegware

Vegware is joining forces with leading recycling company, First Mile, to provide a UK-wide end-of-life solution for its compostable foodservice disposables using RecycleBox, First Mile’s low cost, courier-led recycling service.

First Mile currently collects over 25 material streams in London and Birmingham, including Vegware’s compostable packaging, but has now introduced RecycleBox to provide a national solution for those items not collected by local councils and other waste companies.

This service is especially important for those items that require separate collections to be recycled effectively. Compostable packaging is a great example of this as it must be sent to a specialist facility to be organically recycled, and should not be put in mixed recycling.

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New Kraft Food Trays

Serve street food in sustainable style with our new food trays!

Perfect for serving warm savoury macaroni & cheese, loaded fries and nachos, chicken wings and corn dogs, or sweet treats like doughnuts, churros, and cookies.

Available in a variety of five sizes: Size 25 / 0.25lb, size 100 / 1lb, size 200/2lb, size 300 / 3lb, and size 500 / 5lb. Made from clay-coated paperboard – they are food safe and grease resistant.

A kraft board with Vegware’s striking Green Leaf pattern to promote your eco ethos. Clear on-product messaging and visual cue for ‘compostable’. For clients who compost, it can be used on matching posters and bin signage to simplify recycling and reduce contamination.

Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants. Commercially compostable with food waste where accepted.

Order yours today!

Vegware comment on Efra report

At Vegware, we aren’t pretending to be a solution to littering or marine pollution, and advise our clients clearly on our straws page and our website composting FAQs. But in foodservice, compostable packaging is the only quality recycling option for food-contaminated mixed materials.

The EFRA committee states that compostable plastics have been introduced without the right waste infrastructure, but the same is still true of most forms of plastic waste, even with a 70-year head start. How much of the UK’s plastic waste actually gets reprocessed, not just exported to become another country’s problem? Continue reading Vegware comment on Efra report

The Gallery Collection

We’re excited to introduce our limited edition eco embossed hot cups: the Vegware Gallery Collection. The Gallery Collection of artistically designed hot cups is a collaboration between Vegware and Edinburgh-based Coburg House Studios.  

Our new compostable hot cups are available in 8, 12 & 16oz, and each size features a mixed case of up to three designs. Made from two layers of sustainable board lined with PLA, a renewable material made from plants. The embossed outer layer reduces the need for a clutch.  

The nine designs, three for each size, are printed with water-based inks, making them commercially compostable with food waste where accepted. Lids are available separately. Use the Vegware Series number to match your cup to lid.  

Want to espresso yourself? Order your Gallery cups today 

Vegware’s European Warehouse – successful first 6 months

Our new European warehouse celebrates a successful first six months in operation. A partnership with the Raben Group, our Dutch warehouse is a central hub to better service mainland and Northern European clients. Our HQ is in Edinburgh; this new Eurozone logistics centre is part of the company’s Brexit-readiness. 

Located in Brabant, near the Dutch border with Germany and Belgium, the Raben location offers strong transport links throughout mainland Europe. This new warehouse joins  Vegware’s UK and US hubs already servicing Vegware clients in 70 countries worldwide.  

A third of Vegware’s sales are to outside the UK, with other European countries accounting for 87% of exports.  We had a 53% increase in sales from 2018 to 2019, with a 25% growth in European sales. “We’re delighted to be able to better support our clients with quick service, with many European customers getting orders straight from our Dutch hub,” says Mark Badzmirowski, Vegware’s Sales Manager Europe. “It’s given us the opportunity to grow sales and allay our clients’ Brexit concerns. We’ve seen an increase in opportunities and sales, with new customers pleased we have a warehouse in mainland Europe.”  

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