Total World Environment Day Event

World Environment day

To celebrate World Environment Day we were invited to attend an event set up by Total to speak to children from an Aberdeen school. The focus of the day was to educate and raise awareness of recycling to the children through a range of engaging activities.

World Environment day

The kids were treated to a tour of Total’s recycling set-up and we brought along some Vegware products and our interactive ‘Bin Detective’ activity. This involved a presentation from a member of our Environmental team where we looked at the benefits of recycling and composting. We then tested out their knowledge through introducing them to a variety of Vegware products.

world environment day

One of the highlights of the day for the kids was the introduction of the ‘Smoothie Bike’. The premise behind this being that the pedalling of the bike generated the energy needed to start the smoothie maker. A delicious smoothie proved to be the perfect reward for their hard work. We had a great day at Total’s event and we’re sure the kids took on board some useful recycling knowledge.