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pita pit vegware compostable packaging

Pita Pit choose Vegware eco packaging to break into UK market

With 600+ stores worldwide, Pita Pit‘s health-conscious fast casual dining has fans across the globe. Serving up fresh, Mediterranean inspired pitas with sustainably sourced ingredients, Pita Pit wanted food packaging that echoed their eco-friendly ethos.

Since expanding into the UK in 2013, Pita Pit have been using a fully customised range of completely compostable Vegware packaging in all of their stores. With 5 stores already open, a further 20 are set for the coming year. Pita Pit explain, “We’re a new brand in the UK and Vegware’s custom print service has been a fantastic marketing tool for us to help establish brand recognition!”

Thanks to their three bin system – a first for a UK high-street chain – Pita Pit ensure that recycling rates are high in their stores. A policy has been introduced in-store where staff strike up a conversation with customers about the compostable packaging . This helps to build a relationship with the customer, communicate the company’s environmentally friendly ethos and keep recycling contamination low.

Download the full case study here.

Coffee cup recycling – it’s time for a change

Have you seen the news? Coffee cup recycling is making the headlines again. Last night on BBC1, Hugh’s War on Waste revealed that almost all of the 7 million coffee cups we use every day in the UK go to landfill or incineration, despite many of them claiming to be recyclable.

“The truth is,” says Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, ”they are barely recyclable at all – in the everyday, commonly understood sense of the word. They cannot be recycled through any of the normal public waste collection services – who are consistently diverting them to be incinerated or sent to landfill.”

We believe it’s time for a change.

With 10,000 cups disposed of every two minutes, consumers are demanding action. Here’s our compostable solution:

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river cottage vegware compostable recycling festival

New film! River Cottage Fair goes compostable with Vegware

River Cottage’s Spring Food Fair achieved an impressive 72% recycling rate by serving all food on Vegware compostable packaging; their best ever result. Our new film shows you how we did it.

Aiming to beat the UK event average of 15%, River Cottage trialled Vegware’s compostable packaging and recycling support. After the three-day event, 680kg of used takeaway packaging was composted with food waste at Viridor’s nearby composting facility. In less than 12 weeks this soil improver will be available to River Cottage’s gardens and local farmers.

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River Cottage IG

We’re taking over River Cottage’s Instagram!

Our pals at River Cottage are kindly handing over the reins of their gorgeous Instagram account to the Vegware team this week (18th – 24th July).

In May we helped the River Cottage Spring Food Fair go completely compostable and achieve their best ever recycling rates of 72% – far beyond the UK events average of 15%. We’re launching a new film this week to show exactly how we did it, and will be taking over the River Cottage Instagram feed in the run up to it with lots of sneak peeks, how-tos and Vegware facts. There might even be a picture of us with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, but we couldn’t possibly confirm nor deny such rumours…

Keep an eye out for our film launch and follow @rivercottagehq to see what mischief we get up to. If you don’t already follow us on Instagram you can find us @vegware.

Seven Sisters Spices salads

Seven Sisters Spices: pram-delivered healthy lunches in Lewes

Equipped with an upcycled Silvercross pram, a natural talent for cooking and Vegware’s eco packaging, Chloe Edwards is on a mission to bring delicious lunches to the town of Lewes. We’re not the only ones who love Chloe’s story –  the BBC put together this film on Seven Sisters Spices earlier this year.

“Food has long been a love of mine, having grown up with a very good cook, my mum, who always cooked every family meal from scratch,” explains Chloe. After her 7-year-old daughter was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a form of blood cancer, Chloe began to work from home in Lewes, East Sussex. Seeing an opportunity to turn her culinary talents into an income, Chloe set up Seven Sisters Spices, specialising in healthy home-cooked food for lunch deliveries and event catering.

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Green Gown Awards Vegware Cambridge waste

University of Cambridge & Vegware – finalists in the Green Gown Awards!

Vegware and the University of Cambridge are Green Gown Awards finalists! We’ve been shortlisted in recognition of our collaborative work in helping the University catering go zero waste.

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vegware compost waste bpi fpi composting

Vegware wins Footprint Award for helping Aramark site go zero waste!

Exciting news! We won the Waste Management and Reduction award at the Footprint Awards last night for helping Aramark catering go zero waste at BNY Mellon.

The award is in recognition of the work Vegware did with no fewer than five companies to help Aramark eliminate landfill waste  from their catering operations at BNY Mellon. This was achieved by organising the recycling of our compostable packaging with foodwaste, providing fertiliser for local farmers and bio methane to heat homes in London.

Despite facing stiff competition, Vegware were delighted to walk away with a prestigious Footprint award. The judges commented that the work showed ‘great collaboration and great initiative’! 

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bath bombs vegware compostable packaging beauty kitchen cosmetic

Beauty Kitchen use Vegware packaging for Holland & Barrett product launch

Beauty Kitchen focus on the power of nature in their natural beauty product range, making fun and affordable products that don’t cost the earth. Their green outlook led them to using Vegware’s compostable packaging for their products – proving that Vegware isn’t just for food!

For the launch of their ‘Inspire Me’ range in Holland & Barrett, they chose Vegware deli containers to show off their new baby bath bombs. Made from PLA, a plant based material with 81% less embodied carbon than plastic, the transparent deli containers are the perfect way to show off the cosmetic company’s products while staying sustainable.

Jo Chidley, Beauty Kitchen founder explains, “We chose to work with Vegware because they are eco-friendly, but the packaging still looks professional and stylish. The team are also a real pleasure to work with!”

Download the full case study for free here.

University Surrey Simon Booth Vegware Green Tree

University of Surrey chooses Green Tree collection to communicate eco ethos

Vegware_collection_GT_group_W8.5CARRW-GT_VDW-G12_VGGSH2-GT_R500-GT_salad_snack_combo_800xWe’ve just launched the Green Tree collection in honour of our Queen’s Award for Innovation win. This stylish grab & go collection features a word-cloud motif celebrating sustainability and Vegware’s eco credentials – just like our award!

Like all of Vegware’s products, the compostable collection replaces plastics with plant materials with a lower carbon footprint. It’s already in use at the University of Surrey, who chose it for its clear sustainability-focused messages.

Director of Hospitality Simon Booth explains:

“Historically, cost was the most important factor for caterers, but the University of Surrey looks at the whole picture. Landfill costs are only going up, and a solution that removes this factor completely really helps us from a business perspective. 

The University of Surrey is very environmentally conscious. When we realised that over 80% of the landfill waste produced was coming from retail areas, our caterers and estates got together to address the issue. The most positive step forward was to switch to a compostable range of foodservice products. Vegware was the perfect partner as they had the vision to help create the Green Tree collection, which meets all our needs. This year, we’re using the collection for our conferences and location business.”

Interested in the collection? Ask us for free samples at

New case study on North East Scotland College

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.41.55We’ve just popped up another new case study on our website.


Read all about North East Scotland College (NESCol) – a college in Aberdeen always looking for ways to boost sustainability. In 2011, Aramark introduced Vegware’s eco packaging at NESCol’s Aberdeen campuses, sparking a huge improvement in recycling and communications.


All our case studies are free and available to download here.