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Updates from the Vegware Community Fund.

Community Fund – Batley Girl’s High School – June Update

For many students the farm here at BGHS provides a wonderful opportunity to get hands on experience and involved with a variety of animals that include Ollie and Stanley our pygmy goats, laying Boven, Rhode Island Red and Lohmann hens, Quail, Cayuga and Aylesbury ducks. Macey the rabbit and not forgetting the South African Rat or Daegu.

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Community Fund – Fauna de la Amazonia – June Update

path workHello, again, from Amazonas, Ecuador! (It is so-named because the waters from this region flow towards, and into, the River Amazon.)

Some raised beds have been created on the sloping areas between where future and current buildings are located. These beds will be used for growing plants for food as well nurturing the soil. As such, they will be low-growing as we do not want to encourage anything which may grow to threaten future structural damage to buildings – something which is easily done here, where trees can grow remarkable quickly.

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Community Fund – COCA – June Update

Unknown-1COCA got a big helping hand in June, when we were joined by six volunteers who came to take part in one of the summer’s UNA exchanges. Along with the regular growing team, the volunteers helped with planting and transferring of hundreds of plants: 500 brassicas including cabbage, kale and broccoli, as well as pumpkins, bean sprouts and 200 sweetcorn. Not to mention getting up to date with the weeding, always a challenge at Caerhys! And they obviously enjoyed it, as two of the volunteers decided to stay on as wwoofers, one of whom, Thomas, is now leading the next UNA Exchange.

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Community Fund – Broomhouse – June Update

vegware3June saw the end of term for our Food & Fitness sessions: we had really successful blocks of Adult Cooking, Cooking Up a Story, Women’s Aerobics and Chair Exercises, and we’ll be back with more of all of them in September.

We had a chance to look back and celebrate the amazing year we’ve had at our AGM on Tuesday 23rd June.  After taster cookery and aerobics sessions, everyone gathered together to hear about all our achievements from the last year, of which there were many!  We then had a lovely buffet lunch, which had been made in the taster cookery session – thanks to them we enjoyed delicious sweet potato and coconut soup, cheese straws, fruity flapjacks, and fresh strawberries with lime and mint.   Yum!

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Community Fund – Meesden Community Garden – June Update

Plants are growing very rapidly as you can see from the photos below. We are digging the early potatoes and pulling up the fist few onions which are being sold to people in the village in our Friday shop. The runner beans are climbing up the support that we purchased with the money you kindly donate. With the aid of the fencing and netting we have so-far been able to keep the birds and rabbits at bay. We thank you very much for the money you give as this makes gardening for the community much more rewarding!

Community Fund – Royal Edinburgh Community Gardens – June Update

0be899b2-2b9d-4c05-89b9-f6cca18cbcd6While the new hospital buildings go up around us the ‘Growing Space’ is developing!
Fruit and veg are once again growing well and so are our plans. The mood board above was one of many produced at the conclusion of concept and design workshops facilitated by the hospital’s Public Social Partnership Team. Staff, patients, volunteers and representatives from many organisations contributed. Progress on the ground in the gardens has focussed on temporary and experimental features.

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Community Fund – Fundación Fauna de la Amazonia – May Update

Well, here is the latest news from the Colonia 24 de mayo, Canton Mera, Pastaza, Ecuador…………. and there have been some mixed happenings………………….!

When Pete returned recently from further ventures in the USA, he brought with him an Unpersonned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and he has filmed some amazing footage, from above, of the area around, and including, the Fundación’s land. Here is a link to his first film which shows the location of the ‘finca’ (farm or land property in Spanish)………………………..

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Community Fund – Greener Leith – May Update

UnknownOne of the activities that Greener Leith has been particularly active in is campaigning to make Leith Walk a more friendly place for pedestrians and cyclists.  Anyone who cycles in Edinburgh may remember that Leith Walk was named as one of the ten worst roads to cycle in 2012 and that’s no exaggeration as the potholes and lack of lines delineating the cycle paths made for a treacherous mix of hazards.

Since that time Greener Leith has been has been campaigning for improvements of this much-loved shopping street.  Three years later – tram plans shelved once more – the new road is starting to emerge.  Although still very bare, the northern part of the road is now easily navigable for cyclists.  For pedestrians things have improved as well in that the footpaths have been overhauled and widened. Motorised traffic is being slowed down by speed-reducing road design and a 20-mph limit is now in place.  The public realm however is still rather bare.  Because of the many services underneath the road surface any significant tree planting will be a challenge.  Greener Leith however is determined to have an influence there as well.

Community Fund – Garden Gate – May Update

Hello from the Garden Gate…

Joe Gardening Course[1]It’s a beautiful sunny day in Margate and we are busy making arrangements for our Music Day on Saturday 18th July, entertainment is being organised for a fun filled day… We will keep you posted with our progress in our next update…

We recently recruited our first apprentice support worker, 23 year old Joe Guy from Westgate, who has also become the 900th apprentice to be placed through KCC’s Kent Employment Programme. Joe is fast becoming a real asset to the garden and we are very happy with his progress.

We have just completed our ‘Introduction to Gardening’ course.  This is the second year we have run the 8 week course in collaboration with East Kent Colleges ‘Learning in Communities’ initiative.  Everyone really enjoyed the course and learnt lots of new skills.

Community Fund – Edinburgh Garden Partners – May Update

It’s busy busy here at EGP, new gardens to be shared, new volunteers on board and we’re running around matching everyone up! This month 2 lovely volunteers have completed the more advanced horticulture course run by our super helpful colleagues at the ‘Bridgend Growing Community’. Placing keen volunteer gardeners on this course would not be possible without the support of the Vegware grant so huge thanks from us, from the lucky volunteers and ultimately from the garden owners benefiting!