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Vegware – Sustainable Restaurant Association approved supplier!

We are now accredited by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, making us an official Food Made Good Approved Supplier! The certification is the result of passing a stringent sustainability audit, so customers can rest assured that our packaging is made in the most sustainable way possible, and that our business is always looking for ways to get greener! Check out our Food Made Good profile here

SRA approved supplier logo

Plate2planet launched to share best practice – with Vegware in ‘sustainability seven’

Some of the UK’s most forward thinking foodservice companies have united – for the first time ever – to launch a powerful sustainability initiative, set to revolutionise how the industry shares green knowledge, guidelines and best practice examples. A recent survey revealed the continued need for foodservice operators to drive sustainability within their business, responding to the 83% of consumers that said sustainability directly affects their dining choices.

plate2planet is the new ‘green alliance’ between seven of the UK’s key foodservice businesses – Vegware, Unilever, Premier Foods, Delifrance UK, Planet First and Jacobs Douwe Egberts, powered by Bidvest Foodservice – and marks a step change towards a truly collaborative approach to the sustainability challenges faced by the industry.

The group, dubbed ‘the sustainability seven’, are pooling their resources to offer operators across all channels the opportunity to share ideas, inspiration, and expertise via a ‘one-stop-shop’ digital platform. The platform provides a forum for likeminded caterers, providing access to useful and practical information for those looking for help and solutions including how to guides, inspiring case studies, guidance on regulations, handy tools, and inspiring supply chain stories. In fact everything businesses need whether they are looking to generate savings, achieve zero to landfill, source sustainably or plan their own CSR journey.

New classroom resources – Bin Detective Primary Kit

Vegware has launched the Bin Detective, a cartoon character with an educational resource kit helping schools teach about recycling. The concept empowers students to become Bin Detectives and change behaviours at school and at home.

The Primary Kit, launched for autumn term 2015, includes an interactive classroom presentation, a poster, and teachers’ notes describing a range of activities. Created by Vegware’s in-house environmental team, based on their experience of communicating about zero waste, it is available for free at

Bin Detective – classroom recycling activities from Vegware on Vimeo.

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Eilidh Brunton, Rising Star

Our group recyVegware_eco_packaging_Eilidh_rising_star_awardcling consultant, Eilidh Brunton, has been named resource Scotland’s Rising Star at the Scottish Resources Conference 2015! The award recognises her achievements in bringing together the waste sector through the efforts of the Food Waste Network. Eilidh has also been a global ambassador for the Scottish waste sector, including being invited to Las Vegas to speak about Scotland’s zero waste journey and food waste regulations at Waste Expo 2015. Eilidh says “I am delighted to have received the award, and really looking forward to continuing to guide businesses and communities on the road to zero waste”.

Vegware’s guide to the 5p bag charge

England’s single use carrier bags charge came in to action yesterday, so we thought it would be useful to explain how it relates to sales of our products.

The law is mainly aimed at reducing the use of single use plastic carrier bags. All Vegware packaging is made from plants, not plastic, but compostable bags such as our bioplastic carrier are still subject to the charge. However, these can be taken home and reused as a liner for food waste caddies, so represent good value for the 5p spent!

Paper bags are not subject to the charge in England, so our recycled carrier bags are a great option. They’re made from recycled materials already, and can be easily recycled again after use.

Overall, we think the new legislation is great news! In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland usage has dropped by up to 80%! Considering that in 2013 major supermarkets gave out 7.4 billion plastic bags, that’s a huge amount of plastic that might not end up as litter and make its way to the oceans.

(Oxo) degradable, biodegradable, compostable – new factsheet

Confused about these terms? Our new factsheet explains the important difference. On it’s the last one under ‘factsheets’.  Here’s some key info…

Oxo-degradable or degradable plastic =

oil based plastic + an additive to make it fragment in oxygen and sunlight

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New and improved sandwich platter range!

Being based in Scotland, we’ve not been outside a lot this summer. Handily, this means we’ve had plenty of time to work on perfecting our sandwich platter range. The fruits of this labour are our new and improved products!

These lines will be available to order from the 10th of August and samples are available now. Read on below for details of their exclusive features!

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Pre-order our special rugby cups!

Our special Rugby cup is available for pre-order. The colourful 12oz double wall cup is made in the British Isles from sustainable and recycled board, and the special design is printed with vegetable-based inks. The plant-based lining has 72% less carbon than the plastic lining on conventional hot cups!

Teresa Suter, our Sales Director says: “We wanted to capture the excitement and energy of the sport. Abstracted action shots show a sportsman at the top of his game, about to score a try. We can see it being a real hit with Rugby lovers.”

We’re expecting these to fly out the doors, so why not order some today?

How it’s made: Bagasse vs Polystyrene infographic

Here at Vegware, we often get asked about how our eco-materials are made, and how they compare to plastics like EPS (expanded polystyrene). All of our packaging made from plants comes from renewable sources, so we made this infographic about how bagasse and EPS are made to help spread the word! Give it a click to learn more!

an infographic explaining bagasse vs polystyrene plastic production and how bagasse is made from renewable plant sources where polystyrene is made from fossil fuels
Bagasse and polystyrene come from very different sources – renewable plants vs fossil fuels. Here’s how they’re made.

Having a summer event?

As summer unfolds and people take to the outdoors to enjoy the weather, the opportunities for outdoor catering increase exponentially. With warewashing usually unavailable in pop-up outdoor venues across the country, single use disposable packaging is often the most viable option for traders.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Vegware provides packaging made from plants that is designed to be recycled with food waste, simplifying waste management for all parties. However, you may not know just how many great products we have for barbecue season. Our wine goblets, rectangular plates and wide bowls are all great value gems that can help events of all sizes go swimmingly:

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