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Vegware compostable packaging eco range

Watch our new ‘All About Vegware’ animation!

We’re delighted to share our latest film with you. It tells the full Vegware story – what we do, and why we do it.

It explains why Vegware is different to conventional packaging. Being made from 100% plant-based materials, Vegware’s entire range of completely compostable food packaging is designed to be recycled with food waste.

Watch how we do it, and how we can support your business in doing the same.

river cottage vegware compostable recycling festival

New film! River Cottage Fair goes compostable with Vegware

River Cottage’s Spring Food Fair achieved an impressive 72% recycling rate by serving all food on Vegware compostable packaging; their best ever result. Our new film shows you how we did it.

Aiming to beat the UK event average of 15%, River Cottage trialled Vegware’s compostable packaging and recycling support. After the three-day event, 680kg of used takeaway packaging was composted with food waste at Viridor’s nearby composting facility. In less than 12 weeks this soil improver will be available to River Cottage’s gardens and local farmers.

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Introducing the Vegware spork!

When a spoon and a fork love each other very much…

We’re excited to introduce you to Vegware’s compostable spork! Get the best of both worlds with one handy utensil. Practical and eco, it’s perfect for on-the-go salads and desserts.

Like all of our products, it’s completely compostable and made from plants, not plastic. It’s also made from 100% recycled materials -some pretty serious eco superpowers for a 5in spork!

We’re spreading the #sporklove with the help of our short and silly film on how it came to be:

Fancy some free samples? Get in touch:

Espresso yourself! New Vegware coffee video

There’s a lot of noise around coffee at the moment. With London Coffee Festival and UK Coffee Week going on, we thought we’d team up with Brew Lab coffee bar and Mike “the goose” Gooseberg to make a bit of a song and dance about our preferred black gold. Give it a share if you think a coffee sounds good!

Better yet, it doesn’t just sound good – UK Coffee Week does good by raising funds for Project Waterfall, an initiative established to bring clean water and sanitation to coffee growing communities around the world. Find out more here

Black is the new green – new eco cutlery by Vegware

Meet Vegware’s new cutlery – 100% recycled and compostable, in black.

Made from plants for 90% less carbon than plastic. Cutting edge technology: Vegware’s RCPLA biopolymer is 100% recycled high heat PLA. Heat resistant to 85ºC / 185ºF, certified food safe, and certified compostable.

Black is the new green.

Here is quite possibly the sexiest film ever made about black cutlery.