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Sustainability for small business? Join Vegware in the Guardian’s online debate

Vegware eco packaging compostable biodegradable catering disposables Lucy Frankel
Lucy Frankel, Vegware’s Communications Director, on Guardian panel of sustainability experts.
Pic: Rob McDougall

Join our Communications Director Lucy in a live online debate at 1-2:30pm tomorrow Wednesday 11th June. She is one of a panel of experts selected by The Guardian to offer practical advice to small businesses wanting to boost sustainability. Here’s the link.


“If you’re wondering where to start, or if you’ve introduced some sustainable measures but are keen to do more, our panel of experts will be offering tips, advice and ideas during our live Q&A. We’ll be looking at some of the more creative ways small businesses are reusing and recycling, and discuss how you can motivate your staff to get on board.

We’ll also discuss practical issues such as, what goals should your business set itself? How should you promote your green credentials? Is the infrastructure is in place to help SMEs recycle and reduce waste? Should local councils be doing more?

Join us on Wednesday 11 June, between 1-2.30pm, when our panel of experts will be discussing these questions and more. You can tweet your questions to @GdnSmallBiz, email them to, post them in advance or join us on the day to put them to the panel.”

Our Eilidh speaking at food waste event in Glasgow, 28th May

Young Recycler of the YearNeed some practical tips on what to do with your business’ food waste? Our Recycling Consultant Eilidh Brunton is speaking at a short business event at the Lighthouse, Glasgow, held on 28th May from 12:30 to 4pm.

Eilidh will be talking about the Food Waste Network, our free service mapping all collection services in the UK, by postcode. She and the other speakers will offer all sorts of practical advice on how to reduce waste, comply with the new Scottish waste regs and save money in the process…

For further info and registration, click here.

Check out the Guardian’s new circular economy interactive

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 17.14.53The Guardian asked 28 experts what role their industry has in accelerating the circular economy and have made a cool interactive to show the answers.


You can journey through their interactive infographic to explore each of the different industry categories and click on the different words and phrases to find out more. Click on ‘NO MORE PLASTIC!’ to hear from our Recycling Consultant Eilidh explaining why we use plants, not plastic.


You can check it out on the Guardian’s website here.

Vegware in live TV debate on waste – Thursday 21st November 10-11am

Footprint TV waste debate foodservice sustainabilityVegware knows a lot about waste. Our Communications Director Lucy Frankel joins the big players in foodservice for a live broadcast this Thursday morning to discuss the big picture on waste. Dr Richard Swannell will be announcing WRAP’s latest findings on food waste in UK hospitality, including the true cost of food waste. Lucy will share Vegware’s expertise in zero waste, gained in our experiences through the Food Waste Network. Other panelists include representatives from Pret, Nestle and SWR.


Register at to watch the debate live at 10-11am this Thursday, or log in any time to watch later.


On twitter? Join @vegware in the debate using the hashtag #FPTV



Vote for Eilidh as Young Recycler of the Year!

Eilidh Brunton, Vegware's Young Recycler of the Year

Please take 20 seconds to vote for Eilidh as Young Recycler of the Year by Thursday 19th. Here’s why…

“Eilidh is a relentless font of information. Through her help I was able to create a proposal to bring our bars waste down to only 5 percent. Eilidh is continuously dropping me ideas for ways to reduce this even further and actively seeks out people to use our waste products, such as a local candle maker who is looking to take our waste wax. Without Eilidh wed still be chucking everything away.” Joseph Dick, Edinburgh microbrewery, The Hanging Bat.

She is a self-confessed bin geek who will cheerfully analyse bin contents, monitor peoples behaviour around bin choice at events (even on weekends), design and evaluate effective signage and communications tools, and take staff through bin tests, seeing if they can get the correct bin for a range of materials.

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Vegware and The Food Waste Network launch ‘Show us you’re green!’ for Zero Waste Scotland’s Recycle Week

As part of Zero Waste Scotland’s Recycle Week (17-23rd June), Vegware and its sister initiative The Food Waste Network have teamed up to launch ‘Show us you’re green!’ – a campaign to raise awareness about recycling.  The week is packed with social media activities to encourage people to recycle more and take care of their environment.

Vegware staff is also taking part by showing their recycling efforts at home and at work. There’ll be bin amnesties, where staff will turn in their under-desk bins in exchange for a mini cup bin – designed to encourage staff to recycle more efficiently. As part of Greener Together’s ‘Active Travel’ campaign, staff will be walking/cycling to work instead of using public/private transport. On Friday, all staff at Vegware will wear green to show their support for recycle week.

Eilidh Brunton, Recycling Consultant of Vegware and The Food Waste Network said: “Being an eco-packaging company, Vegware has a deep rooted interest in sustainability and issues affecting the environment – in particular recycling and waste reduction. When we heard about Zero Waste Scotland’s Recycle Week getting involved and running our own programme of activities was a no brainer. ZWS are an invaluable organisation offering support and advice to businesses and individuals on all matters involving waste. Our Recycle Week activities aim to involve and motivate both our staff and customers along with our wider social media following by educating on recycling issues whilst making recycling fun.”

Eilidh will give her daily recycling tip of the day on Facebook and Twitter, and on Thursday; there’ll be an opportunity for people to ask Eilidh questions about recycling on Food Waste Network’s Facebook page at 3pm.

Each day represents a different recycling material. There’ll be Metal Monday, Textiles Tuesday, Plastic Wednesday, Packaging Thursday and Food Waste Friday. Get involved with Show us you’re green by following @Vegware and @foodwasteuk on Twitter, and via and Facebook/foodwasteuk.

Vegware helping Scotland go Greener Together

Although we operate all around the world, our global HQ is in Edinburgh and we are a Scottish company. There’s a fantastic campaign at the moment called Greener Together – it’s bringing together all the best ideas for how everyone in Scotland can make simple changes to make their homes, offices and schools a little bit greener every day.

Our pet topic of course is food waste – how to reduce and recycle it, together with used Vegware. Read their tips about wasting less food and eating in season too.

Through are offering our own support to Scottish businesses to help them comply with the new waste Regs – here’s a Greener Scotland blog entry we wrote about what Scottish businesses need to do, and how we have helped one Edinburgh microbrewery reduce its general waste by 90% AND save money.

No time to waste – sign up to WRAP’s voluntary agreement on Hospitality and Foodservice

If you know anything about Vegware, then you’ll know we’re passionate about sustainability. That’s why we’re a founding supporter of WRAP’s new voluntary agreement on Hospitality and Foodservice. This voluntary agreement is bringing together the whole foodservice sector to work towards two targets:

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Vegware signs up to WRAP waste agreement

WRAP logoVegware has joined forces with some major names in catering and has signed up to WRAP’s Hospitality and Foodservice Agreement, launched today. It aims to unite the sector in achieving targets to prevent waste and reduce waste to landfill. Vegware helps foodservice operators meet the landfill diversion target, as our certified compostable foodservice packaging can be recycled with food waste after use. We have pledged to support WRAP with our Food Waste Network, a new service to help any UK business find its ideal food waste recycling services. Continue reading Vegware signs up to WRAP waste agreement

High praise from WRAP…

Marcus Gover, Director of WRAP, likes what we are doing. He was the Chair of the judges in this year’s BCE Environmental Leadership Awards. He said: “The judges liked the way Vegware focuses its compostable packaging on the catering and hospitality sectors. These sectors currently recycle little of their food and packaging waste. Vegware is helping these sectors to capture both packaging and food waste that would have otherwise gone to landfill. We also particularly like the Food Waste Network they have set up so that customers can find their local food waste recycling services.” What a nice man.