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We’re soupa excited for our soup and sarnie combo

Clear CPLA hot lids

We’re soupa excited to introduce our new see through flat soup lids. Our clear lids provide visibility for your hot soups, stews and porridge. Made from plant-based CPLA, a renewable alternative to plastic.

The lids come in two sizes, to pair up with our soup containers. Use the Series number to match the right-sized lid to your Vegware soup container.

Single sandwich wedge

Single sandwich wedge

Fancy soup, but want a little something on the side?  Use our new single sandwich wedge for cold sandwiches – ideal for pairing with warm soups and stews.

The 38mm wide wedge has a back closure for a neater side profile. And is great for fitting more products on the shelf.

Made from sustainable paperboard and lined with a water-based grease-resistant coating. The plant-based PLA window offers great visibility.

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Say aloha to Hula: our new plastic-free cold cups!

Get a taste of island life with our new Hula paper cold drink cups.

These rich colours are mixed within each sleeve you receive: tropical mango, sea green, hibiscus pink, Big Island blue and Vegware green, and printed using water-based inks.

The bold party colours are inspired by Hawaii’s warm hospitality, and a geometric leaf pattern celebrates the islands’ rich vegetation.

Choose from 9, 12, 16 or 22oz sizes to bring a splash of colour to your cold drinks like juice, soda, beer, cocktails or water.

It’s also great for hot snacks like popcorn or fried treats.

Hula cups fit our cold cup lids – available in flat and domed options with you choice of with or without a straw hole. Use the Series number to choose the right lid size.

Made from sustainable board and lined on both sides with plant-based PLA, they’re commercially compostable with food waste where accepted.

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Tis the season to pre-order your Vegware 2018 Christmas cups!

Back by popular demand, our penguin Christmas jumper cups return for the 2018 holiday season. Available in 8, 12 and 16oz, our festive double wall hot cups are made from sustainably-sourced board with a lining made from plants, not plastic.

Perfect for all your seasonal hot chocolates and drinks, the range is available with compostable lids for a complete eco-friendly option this holiday season.

To ensure customers have all they need for the most wonderful time of year, please pre-order your cups by Friday, 19th October for delivery mid-November. Orders after this date will be filled while stocks last.

All requests and enquiries can be sent to Order today to avoid disappointment!

Code Product Case count
VDW-8-XM2017 8oz double wall penguin jumper cup, 79-Series 500
VDW-12-XM2017 12oz double wall penguin jumper cup, 89-Series 500
VDW-16-XM2017 16oz double wall penguin jumper cup, 89-Series 400

Celebrating British Sandwiches

The ultimate food to go, the sandwich is a British creation with the 4th Earl of Sandwich creating this culinary icon in the mid-1700’s.

Nearly three centuries later, our love for the sandwich continues. The UK consumer purchases 3.5 billion sandwiches a week, according to The British Sandwich Week & Food to Go Association.

The sandwich is clearly one food trend that is here to stay.

Whether you call it a sarnie, buttie, barm or bap, Vegware has the packaging you need for takeaway sandwiches with our new sandwich & wrap boxes.

New! Vegware sandwich & wrap boxes

The range has a unified look with matching brown kraft on the inside and out. It also features the Green Leaf band, a new design soon to be on many Vegware stock lines.

Easy-to-use closures make it simple to package, and access, the sandwich or wrap.

The clever structures use less board and less PLA without compromising on quality. The sustainable paperboard has a water-based grease-resistant lining, and the windows are plant-based PLA.

As with all Vegware, the products are commercially compostable where accepted.

The sandwich wedge with an eco edge

Available in three sizes – standard, deep fill, and triple – the widths for the three are 65, 75, and 85mm, respectively. A back-closure system gives them a neater profile when side by side.

Standard 65mm, deep fill 75mm, and triple 85mm kraft sandwich wedges

Compostable kraft cartons

The tortilla / wrap and bloomer sandwich kraft cartons are designed with crash-lock closures for secure and easy use.

Tortilla / wrap kraft carton

Bloomer sandwich kraft carton

Browse our other options for all your sandwich needs. From hot bags and wraps to sandwich platters, and everything in-between, Vegware offers all things for food on the go.


Meet the Green Leaf band – a step-change in on-product labelling

Experience has highlighted the critical role on-product messaging plays in reducing contamination and ensuring waste is properly recycled.

Based on this, we’re updating the design of our stock lines to provide a key visual cue for compostability: Introducing the Green Leaf band by Vegware.

Function Meets Design

The Green Leaf band, a stylized version of the Vegware logo, has a repeating leaf pattern that’s bold, striking, and easily identifiable as a compostable cup.

Just as important, it’s printed with the wording ‘commercially compostable where accepted’.

This way, whoever comes into contact with the Vegware product – from customer and foodservice team member to waste collector – it’s clear to dispose of used Vegware in the compost and food waste bin, for it then to be taken to commercial composting.

The Green Leaf band unifies our products and provides a visual prompt that can be used on other resources like bins and in-cafe posters.

It is currently available on our embossed cups, with Vegware cold cups, single wall hot cups, soup containers and the deli range to follow across 2018.

This is the next phase of Vegware’s commitment to waste management and producer responsibility. While still allowing you to showcase your food and drink in an appetizing way.

Meet our Bon Appetit bowls!

Meet our newest creation, the 32oz PLA-lined paper food bowl and PLA-lined paper lid.

These Bon Appetit bowls are an excellent eco option for serving up delicious curries, colourful burrito bowls and more. Great for a wide range of cold and hot food.

With a top diameter of 18.5cm, our Bon Appetit bowl offers a panoramic view of any delicious servings.

Another Vegware innovation, our bowl and lid are both made from plants, not plastic and commercially compostable where facilities exist.

Get in touch if you have any questions!

New Green Leaf band embossed hot cups

Introducing the latest addition to our hot cup range –  our white embossed hot cup series. Made from sustainably sourced card and lined with plant-based PLA you can find them in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz. Featuring an extra embossed insulating layer on the outside, there’s no need for a clutch or sleeve. Keeping your hot drink fresh and hands cool.

Our embossed hot cups are also the first of our products to feature the new Vegware Green Leaf band design. The new design showcases your hot drinks like never before and provides a key visual cue for compostability. Experience has highlighted the critical role on-product messaging plays in reducing contamination. Look out for the Green Leaf band appearing on Vegware cold cups, single wall hot cups, soup containers and deli range throughout 2018.

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Add A Rustic Feel to Your Meal with our New Wooden Cutlery

Introducing the newest members of our cutlery family – our wooden range – containing birchwood knives, spoons, forks, and a mini spoon (perfect for scooping out marshmallows from your springtime hot cocoa!).

This range is sleek, stylish and sturdy for both hot and cold food, providing an excellent eco-addition for takeaway meals, snacks, and your table setting.

Available to order now. For more information or samples contact

New! Sandwich sofa

sandwich sofa

Our cosy new sandwich sofa is perfect for a whole range of traditionally square cut sandwiches.

Offering clear visibility of all delicious fillings, our sandwich sofa will ensure your sandwich gets spotted on the shelf.

This insert keeps both sandwich halves apart to make sure it’s kept delicious, fresh and crisp whilst keeping all fillings intact.

Create the perfect eco takeaway sandwich by combining it with our kraft NatureFlex window bloomer bag.

Made from plant based material PLA, not plastic, our sandwich sofa offers a sustainable solution to sandwich packaging.

Available to order now, ask us for more information or samples over at