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Biofuels, bioplastics, and food prices

The soaring prices of oil and food crops have sparked debate on the impacts of biofuel production, and bioplastics have attracted some negative press by association.

At Vegware, we consider that bioplastics have a very valuable role to play as part of an environmentally sustainable approach to packaging. Click here to read our statement on the issues of biofuels, bioplastics, food prices and waste management.

CONTAINS 19-28 October 2007

Vegware products have been selected for exhibition at CONTAINS, and exhibition running for 19-28 October hosted in shipping containers at Newcastle’s Monument (Grainger Street, Newcastle).

CONTAINS explores the stories behind the products we use every day – how they’re made, the materials used, the energy consumed, the miles travelled – in an innovative, inspiring and accessible exhibition that shows how design can make a difference.

More information here.

Vegware featured on Treehugger

Says Treehugger:

“Yes we’re pretty keen on vegetables here at TreeHugger. We like to grow them, cook them, eat them, eat off them and eat with them. We’ve no shortage of information about biodegradable cutlery on TreeHugger; we’ve reported on knives, forks and spoons which you can throw on your compost heap, from the States to Australia via oh so stylish Italy. However we do like to be thorough so today we would like to add the UK based supplier Vegware to our cutlery catalogue.”

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