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Behind-the-scenes of our photo shoots: National Vegetarian Week

As National Vegetarian Week nears its close, we reflect on our favourite veggie dishes created for Vegware’s photo shoots.

Our beautiful food photography, and videos, are all done in-house!

When planning a photo shoot, we look to feature foods that work for a variety of taste buds. The goal of the photo is to leave you ‘hungry for more’ (and, admittedly, to feed our team!).

Here are some of the best vegetarian meals we’ve made, displayed in our plant-based foodservice packaging which can be composted with food waste where accepted.

Chickpea and lentil curry
To kick things off we’ll go with our most recent Indian-themed shoot. Dished up in our 32oz PLA-lined paper food bowl, we have our very own Vegware veggie curry. Featuring dark lentils, chickpeas and red peppers, we served it with sides of onion bhaji and naan bread.

Vegan burrito bowl
Our gourmet bagasse bases are perfect for serving up colourful burrito bowls. Providing enough room for your guacamole, beans, peppers, salsa and sweetcorn in one handy base. Combine the different elements of your burrito bowl for some great flavours or wrap it up as filling with corn flour tortillas.

Vegan burrito bowl Plant-powered salad bowl
Served from a bowl in our palm leaf tableware range, this salad packs a powerful protein punch. Chickpeas and feta cheese rest on a bed of leafy greens, dressed in a light vinaigrette.

Meet the Green Leaf band – a step-change in on-product labelling

Experience has highlighted the critical role on-product messaging plays in reducing contamination and ensuring waste is properly recycled.

Based on this, we’re updating the design of our stock lines to provide a key visual cue for compostability: Introducing the Green Leaf band by Vegware.

Function Meets Design

The Green Leaf band, a stylized version of the Vegware logo, has a repeating leaf pattern that’s bold, striking, and easily identifiable as a compostable cup.

Just as important, it’s printed with the wording ‘commercially compostable where accepted’.

This way, whoever comes into contact with the Vegware product – from customer and foodservice team member to waste collector – it’s clear to dispose of used Vegware in the compost and food waste bin, for it then to be taken to commercial composting.

The Green Leaf band unifies our products and provides a visual prompt that can be used on other resources like bins and in-cafe posters.

It is currently available on our embossed cups, with Vegware cold cups, single wall hot cups, soup containers and the deli range to follow across 2018.

This is the next phase of Vegware’s commitment to waste management and producer responsibility. While still allowing you to showcase your food and drink in an appetizing way.

Pioneering a compostable future – join us on the journey

Yes, compostable packaging is being composted, but more can be done to ensure commercial composting is UK-wide. Vegware is helping to drive this change.

  • It’s not just about cups – compostables can Close the Loop for all foodservice waste
  • Vegware is working actively to increase UK access to commercial composting
  • Our Close the Loop composting collections are already in Scotland, and expanding to other UK regions soon

2018 has seen a huge shift in public attitudes towards plastic. At Vegware, there has been a surge in requests for our plastic-free catering disposables made from plant-based materials. Our products are also compostable, meaning Vegware’s entire range can biodegrade in under 12 weeks in commercial composting facilities.

Vegware hears growing demands for composting and recycling within the UK and worldwide. We understand people’s concerns at the lack of access to a composting infrastructure and not having UK-wide legislation supporting separate collections of food waste and green waste. As the global specialist in plant-based compostable foodservice packaging, we take this issue seriously.

There are industrial composting facilities all around the UK which accept used Vegware, as well as some suitable anaerobic digestion facilities. The challenge is that there are not always collection routes available to businesses. We have been working actively to change this, partnering with a variety of waste collectors who take used Vegware and food waste to industrial composting, resulting in zero waste regions around the UK.

Determined to create end-of-life solutions for our products, Vegware has also become a waste broker to offer our own collections. In summer 2017, we launched Close the Loop in Scotland. As of March 2018, Vegware has taken 25 tonnes of used Vegware and food waste to commercial composting, creating high-quality compost that feeds Scottish fields.

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Meet our Bon Appetit bowls!

Meet our newest creation, the 32oz PLA-lined paper food bowl and PLA-lined paper lid.

These Bon Appetit bowls are an excellent eco option for serving up delicious curries, colourful burrito bowls and more. Great for a wide range of cold and hot food.

With a top diameter of 18.5cm, our Bon Appetit bowl offers a panoramic view of any delicious servings.

Another Vegware innovation, our bowl and lid are both made from plants, not plastic and commercially compostable where facilities exist.

Get in touch if you have any questions!

marine plastic vegware compostable pollution ocean

Vegware and marine plastic pollution

A spotlight has been shone on the damage humans are causing to our oceans. The Vegware team shares the public’s sadness at the devastating extent of marine pollution. The pitfalls of plastics have been laid bare, and everyone is looking for solutions. Whilst Vegware’s plant-based disposables are designed to replace oil-based plastics in a foodservice setting, compostable packaging is not the solution to marine pollution. Here’s why.

In summary:

  • Compostable packaging is not expected to break down in a marine environment
  • All waste needs to be disposed of properly, and we wholeheartedly support any initiative that boosts recycling and reduces littering
  • Vegware provides a category-wide solution for zero waste in a foodservice environment with managed waste streams

Compostable packaging and the marine environment

Vegware’s plant-based catering disposables are designed to break down in under 12 weeks in commercial composting. We hold independent compostability certification and have conducted extensive trials in organics recycling facilities. Successful composting requires warmth, oxygen, microbes and moisture – perfect conditions which are created at industrial composting facilities and in on-site composting systems.

The marine environment however is very different, and does not provide the right conditions for compostable packaging to break down. Vegware is against littering in any environment, on land or at sea. We have not tested our products in the sea, and our products do not solve the issue of marine pollution.

At Vegware, we play a positive, active role encouraging zero waste. Our environmental team helps our clients capture used packaging and set up recycling schemes, diverting used Vegware and food waste to commercial composting. We have many zero waste regions around the UK, and in Scotland we have set up Close the Loop, our own composting collection service.

We are pleased that sustainability is at the forefront of public debate, and fully support efforts to protect the environment. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of these important issues.

vegware compostable recycling packaging marine plastic pollution

We’re in the Sunday Times SME Export Fast Track 100!

We’re delighted to announce that Vegware has been placed at No. 50 in the Sunday Times SME Export Fast Track 100.

The Sunday Times Lloyds SME Export Track 100 ranks Britain’s 100 small and medium-sized (SME) companies with the fastest-growing international sales over the previous two years.

The position recognises Vegware’s global expansion. We operate in four continents, providing customers with eco packaging, waste consultancy and bespoke branding services. With customers from Barbados to the Seychelles, Vegware is set for further expansion in the coming year.

Congratulations to everyone else on the list, and a massive thank you from the whole Vegware team to our customers and supporters across the world.

vegware community fund recipient just cycle

Community Fund Focus: Just Cycle

This month’s Community Fund Focus is on Just Cycle – a Tweedbank-based charity which aims to  bring communities together and reduce landfill by recycling and upcycling old and broken bicycles.

Founded in 2014, the charity now has four directors. Fundraiser Alison Cameron tells us more about what the charity does:

“Our mission is to reduce inequalities, and encourage strong intergenerational relationships by involving all sectors of the community in our work. This includes recycling and re-using the bikes, and encouraging cycling among all sectors, including socially disadvantaged or isolated people.”

just cycle tweedbank vegware community fund

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vegware eco packaging compostable bagasse clamshell new product

New! 12 x 6in bagasse clamshell

Meet our newest clamshell – the perfect size for fish and chips, falafel and flat breads, or a piping hot curry and naan.

The clamshell is made from bagasse (recycled sugarcane), a breathable material which prevents hot food from going soggy. The clever new design features a handy built-in drip tray in its base to keep grease away from your food.

The new design also makes the clamshell easier to close – perfect for parcelling up food in a hurry for hungry customers!

Launching on the 23rd of February. Ask us for samples and more information at info@vegware.co.uk.

vegware compostable recycling packaging marine plastic pollution

Vegware responds: Parliament debate on banning non-compostable packaging

A recent petition was circulated which called the UK government to ban all non-recyclable and non-compostable packaging in the UK. Garnering over 75,000 signatures, it was selected for debate on 23rd January – if you missed it, you can catch up here or read the response.

Vegware welcomes debate and we were delighted to see the issue of recycling taking such a major platform. We would however like to see more leadership from government to create a roadmap to maximum recycling. We have no doubt manufacturers would respond to this with the innovation and flair that exists in the industry.

Our focus is foodservice where compostable packaging is the right solution. Other types of packaging need to be treated differently and we must recognise this as we devise the best way forward for each waste category.

The debate raised many valid and relevant points around the environmental contribution of effective packaging, for example in preventing food waste in the supply chain. There were also some familiar objections to compostable packaging raised which we would like to comment on.

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Design Museum Vegware compostable packaging eco

Vegware featured in the Design Museum!

We’re delighted to be featured in the Design Museum as the UK’s first compostable packaging.

Our colourful Tutti Frutti ice cream spoon is sitting proudly in their permanent ‘Designer Maker User’ exhibition. One of our designers, Alice, was excited to spot it on a recent visit – just look at that smile!

It’s a huge honour to be recognised for our design work and innovation in such a prestigious setting.  If you’re in the London area, check out the museum in its swanky new location in Kensington.