12oz Gallery design double wall hot cup

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Gorgeous double wall hot cups with high-quality art print finish. Fits Vegware's 89-Series lids. For coffee, tea and all hot drinks, or soup to go. Two layers of sustainably-sourced board with a plant-based PLA lining. An assorted case of three artist designs, mixed designs in each sleeve.Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants. Designed for industrial composting; recyclable in coffee cup recycling schemes – check your local options.

Case 500 £70.19 exc. VAT (£84.23 inc. VAT)
Pack 25 £5.92 exc. VAT (£7.10 inc. VAT)
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Product specs


Case count
Items per pack
Packs per case
Product dimensions
Weight: 16.34g
Height: 110mm
Volume: 349ml
Top diameter: 89mm
Bottom diameter: 60mm
Case dimensions
Length: 464mm
Width: 374mm
Depth: 610mm
Volume: 0.106m3
Pallet count
UK: 15 cases
EU: 12 cases
EAN number
Gross weight: 9.600kg
Net weight: 8.170kg
Outer packing weight: 1.330kg
Inner packing weight: 0.100kg
Pack weight
Pack weight: 0.410kg
Case 500 £57.48 exc. VAT (£68.98 inc. VAT)
Pack 25 £4.90exc. VAT (£5.88 inc. VAT)
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