Pay it forward

Pay it forward

Donate packaging to projects in need

Help us donate more of our food and drink containers, helping projects feed British communities in need of meals. Since 2009, the Vegware Community Fund has assisted charities and communities by donating our plant-based packaging and giving monthly grants. In 2019 we supported 93 organisations from food banks and soup kitchens, to fundraisers or projects nourishing vulnerable people through our Community Fund.

We wish to do even more in 2020 and beyond.

Covid-19 requires a new level of community support, so we’re increasing our product donations even further. Your donation will pay for non-profit projects to receive free Vegware products – which we provide at cost (so we don’t make a profit).

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With your help, we can do more. Any money you donate to our Community Fund helps us give away even more eco food-safe catering disposables. If you know of a UK-based initiative needing foodservice disposables, please encourage them to apply here