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Tis the season to pre-order your Vegware 2018 Christmas cups!

Back by popular demand, our penguin Christmas jumper cups return for the 2018 holiday season. Available in 8, 12 and 16oz, our festive double wall hot cups are made from sustainably-sourced board with a lining made from plants, not plastic.

Perfect for all your seasonal hot chocolates and drinks, the range is available with compostable lids for a complete eco-friendly option this holiday season.

To ensure customers have all they need for the most wonderful time of year, please pre-order your cups by Friday, 19th October for delivery mid-November. Orders after this date will be filled while stocks last.

All requests and enquiries can be sent to Order today to avoid disappointment!

Code Product Case count
VDW-8-XM2017 8oz double wall penguin jumper cup, 79-Series 500
VDW-12-XM2017 12oz double wall penguin jumper cup, 89-Series 500
VDW-16-XM2017 16oz double wall penguin jumper cup, 89-Series 400
Vegware open windrow garden waste composting compostable cups coffee drinks

Newsflash! First step towards UK garden waste composters accepting Vegware’s cups & lids

Garden waste composting facilities across the UK are now officially allowed to process Vegware’s certified compostable hot and cold cups and lids, if milk and cream are the only animal by-products present. This DOESN’T mean that Vegware cups can go in garden waste bins starting today – it means the facilities are now officially allowed to consider processing it, which is the first step.

It’s not possible without independent certification, but all Vegware’s cups and lids have valid compostability certificates.

Now we can start working through our environmental due diligence programme with the composting facilities and waste collectors. We will announce good news region by region, wherever businesses and householders can start putting Vegware cups and lids in their garden waste bins.

This was a Vegware initiative together with REA’s Organics Recycling Group, approved by the Animal and Plant Health Agency, Environment Agency and Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

With well over 100 open windrow composting facilities around the UK, this news dramatically increases the number of facilities allowed to process compostable drinks waste. It adds to the existing 53 in-vessel composting (IVC) facilities licensed to process food waste, over a third of which already accept Vegware’s compostable packaging.

This is a game changer for Vegware’s compostables, expanding composting opportunities for our numerous clients who only serve drinks. We’re growing the UK’s circular economy – disposables made from plants, composted here in the UK, creating compost to feed British fields.

Composting methods & used Vegware packaging
PROCESS In-vessel composting (IVC) and some anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities with a composting phase


Open windrow composting (OAW)


SUITABLE PRODUCTS BY VEGWARE · Vegware’s full range of plant-based compostable foodservice disposables · All Vegware hot cups – single wall, double wall

· All CPLA hot cup lids

· Clear PLA cold cups and lids

· PLA-lined paper cold cups

· Wooden stirrers (pure untreated wood, so no certification required)

Vegware’s compostability certificates for these products are available on request

CLIENT USAGE Any food or drink, including animal by-products such as eggs, meat or bones Strictly DRINKS ONLY, with MILK or CREAM as the ONLY animal by-products
COLLECTED IN Vegware’s range of certified home compostable biobags
OTHER ALLOWABLE WASTES · Used coffee grounds and loose-leaf tea

· Tea bags and coffee capsules with a valid compostability certificate

· Garden waste can be processed at all composting facilities

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What’s 79-Series? A new easy way to match cups & lids!

At Vegware we want it to be easy to find the right size lid for your cup or soup container. We’ve got a new simple system. We have updated our product names to add a Series number for the lid fit, such as 69-Series, 89-Series, or 115-Series.

For example, you spot our new ‘8oz white embossed hot cup, 79-Series’. Then browsing the hot cup extras, you can see it fits these lids:

  • 79-Series CPLA hot cup lid
  • 79-Series CPLA hot cup lid, black

You’ll see our Series numbers in our hot and cold cups, soup containers and Bon Appetit bowls. To let you into a secret, the number is the lid’s diameter in millimetres.

Here’s a handy guide to our cup and lids. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday to us!

This week at Vegware we’re celebrating our first birthday in the US! It seems just like yesterday we opened our office in Huntington Beach.

Our first year has seen us add some new faces to our growing team and increase our supply of products across the country from coast to coast. Our Zero Waste Director, Julia has had a whirlwind year working closely with clients and composters to set up zero waste programs.

With a wide range of businesses now seeking plastic-free packaging alternatives, we’ve seen a surge of interest in our compostable solution and this has created some amazing opportunities for us.

Our solution is simple as our founder and CEO, Joe Frankel explains:

“You can’t recycle food with plastic in it, and you can’t recycle plastic with food on it. Moving to compostable catering disposables means that food and packaging waste can be recycled together. We believe compostables are the only true recycling solution for the category. That’s why we don’t make or sell anything that’s plastic.”

Just as the last year has flown by, we’re sure the next will follow suit. We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us in this time and look forward to seeing what the future has to hold!

Vegware wins Sustainability Award at British Renewable Energy Awards

It was another great week at Vegware as we picked up the Sustainability Award at the 2018 British Renewable Energy Awards.

Taking place at The Savoy in London, Kate from our Environmental team represented Vegware.

The award recognised Vegware for our product innovations, environmental expertise and sustainable services over the last year. Vegware also consistently meets the circular economy’s three principles.

1 – Design out waste and pollution 

Vegware products are designed with recycling in mind. They’re compostable in finished form and designed to be recycled with food waste.

2 – Keep products and materials in use

Recycling used Vegware captures post-consumer food waste that would otherwise be lost from the system. The products are recycled within the UK (not exported) so the end product created – high quality compost – stays within the UK.

3 – Regenerate natural systems

The compost which is created from recycling food waste and used Vegware is used to return nutrients to the soil.

Here’s a few highlights that attributed to the win.

Product innovations

In 2018 we’re rolling out our Green Leaf band design throughout our stock lines. The design is a stylised leaf pattern to promote your eco ethos. For clients who can compost, the Green Leaf band is a clear visual cue that provides clarity and reduces bin contamination.

Environmental expertise

Our Environmental team offers zero waste support every step of the way for Vegware customers. Their unprecedented engagement with the waste industry allows them to work with waste hauliers to help compostable packaging and food waste be collected for composting.

Sustainable services

Last year we launched our very own composting collection service, Close the Loop. The service collects used Vegware and food waste across Scotland’s Central Belt and Bristol. Benefits of the service include:

  • Flexible, with no contract tie-ins
  • Competitively priced
  • You choose your collection days
  • Option to rearrange at short notice
  • Provides a new clean bin with every collection

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with our Environmental team on

CPLA compostable plastic bioplastic biodegradable

Vegware wins Footprint Award for Green Leaf band design and range

Great news! We picked up the Innovations in Packaging award at the 2018 Footprint Awards.

Taking place at The Royal Institute of British Architects in London, Eilidh, our Group Recycling Consultant, and Jack, our Commercial Manager, represented Vegware.

We were recognised for our new Green Leaf band design, soon to be featured on many Vegware stock lines. The design is a stylised leaf pattern to promote your eco ethos. It currently appears on our white embossed hot cups, sandwich & wrap boxes, and the Bon Appetit bowl.

On-pack messaging reads ‘packaging made from plants’ and ‘commercially compostable where accepted’. For clients who can compost, the Green Leaf band is a clear visual cue that provides clarity and reduces bin contamination. The message can also be used on posters and bin signage to assist with behaviour change and help make recycling easier.

Celebrating British Sandwiches

The ultimate food to go, the sandwich is a British creation with the 4th Earl of Sandwich creating this culinary icon in the mid-1700’s.

Nearly three centuries later, our love for the sandwich continues. The UK consumer purchases 3.5 billion sandwiches a week, according to The British Sandwich Week & Food to Go Association.

The sandwich is clearly one food trend that is here to stay.

Whether you call it a sarnie, buttie, barm or bap, Vegware has the packaging you need for takeaway sandwiches with our new sandwich & wrap boxes.

New! Vegware sandwich & wrap boxes

The range has a unified look with matching brown kraft on the inside and out. It also features the Green Leaf band, a new design soon to be on many Vegware stock lines.

Easy-to-use closures make it simple to package, and access, the sandwich or wrap.

The clever structures use less board and less PLA without compromising on quality. The sustainable paperboard has a water-based grease-resistant lining, and the windows are plant-based PLA.

As with all Vegware, the products are commercially compostable where accepted.

The sandwich wedge with an eco edge

Available in three sizes – standard, deep fill, and triple – the widths for the three are 65, 75, and 85mm, respectively. A back-closure system gives them a neater profile when side by side.

Standard 65mm, deep fill 75mm, and triple 85mm kraft sandwich wedges

Compostable kraft cartons

The tortilla / wrap and bloomer sandwich kraft cartons are designed with crash-lock closures for secure and easy use.

Tortilla / wrap kraft carton

Bloomer sandwich kraft carton

Browse our other options for all your sandwich needs. From hot bags and wraps to sandwich platters, and everything in-between, Vegware offers all things for food on the go.


National BBQ Week!

The 28th of May kicks off National BBQ Week in the UK. Also viewed as the unofficial start of the summer season, there’s an added bonus of it being a May Bank Holiday weekend.

Whether you’re barbecuing burgers or grilling halloumi, Vegware offers a variety of compostable catering disposables to suit your summertime events and parties.

Palm leaf tableware

Tableware made from Areca palm leaves which have fallen to the ground before being pressed into shape. Natural and free from chemicals, yet strong and sturdy. Super stylish too – each one is as unique as the leaves it’s made of.

Fast food

We’ve got the perfect packaging for the food you crave. Go for an outdoorsy rustic look by serving a side of chips in our kraft chip scoop or cone – they’re handy for portion control.

Bagasse takeaway boxes

Our compostable hinged takeaway boxes are made from recycled sugarcane. They come in a range of sizes and are great for hot and cold food as well as being sturdy and economic. And because bagasse is a natural material, hot food won’t sweat inside them.

As with all Vegware, these products are commercially compostable where accepted.

Happy National BBQ Week!

Behind-the-scenes of our photo shoots: National Vegetarian Week

As National Vegetarian Week nears its close, we reflect on our favourite veggie dishes created for Vegware’s photo shoots.

Our beautiful food photography, and videos, are all done in-house!

When planning a photo shoot, we look to feature foods that work for a variety of taste buds. The goal of the photo is to leave you ‘hungry for more’ (and, admittedly, to feed our team!).

Here are some of the best vegetarian meals we’ve made, displayed in our plant-based foodservice packaging which can be composted with food waste where accepted.

Chickpea and lentil curry
To kick things off we’ll go with our most recent Indian-themed shoot. Dished up in our 32oz PLA-lined paper food bowl, we have our very own Vegware veggie curry. Featuring dark lentils, chickpeas and red peppers, we served it with sides of onion bhaji and naan bread.

Vegan burrito bowl
Our gourmet bagasse bases are perfect for serving up colourful burrito bowls. Providing enough room for your guacamole, beans, peppers, salsa and sweetcorn in one handy base. Combine the different elements of your burrito bowl for some great flavours or wrap it up as filling with corn flour tortillas.

Vegan burrito bowl Plant-powered salad bowl
Served from a bowl in our palm leaf tableware range, this salad packs a powerful protein punch. Chickpeas and feta cheese rest on a bed of leafy greens, dressed in a light vinaigrette.

Meet the Green Leaf band – a step-change in on-product labelling

Experience has highlighted the critical role on-product messaging plays in reducing contamination and ensuring waste is properly recycled.

Based on this, we’re updating the design of our stock lines to provide a key visual cue for compostability: Introducing the Green Leaf band by Vegware.

Function Meets Design

The Green Leaf band, a stylized version of the Vegware logo, has a repeating leaf pattern that’s bold, striking, and easily identifiable as a compostable cup.

Just as important, it’s printed with the wording ‘commercially compostable where accepted’.

This way, whoever comes into contact with the Vegware product – from customer and foodservice team member to waste collector – it’s clear to dispose of used Vegware in the compost and food waste bin, for it then to be taken to commercial composting.

The Green Leaf band unifies our products and provides a visual prompt that can be used on other resources like bins and in-cafe posters.

It is currently available on our embossed cups, with Vegware cold cups, single wall hot cups, soup containers and the deli range to follow across 2018.

This is the next phase of Vegware’s commitment to waste management and producer responsibility. While still allowing you to showcase your food and drink in an appetizing way.