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New Case Study! Direct Line Group Bristol Close The Loop

Direct Line Group (DLG) has ambitious sustainability goals. By partnering with Vegware and its Close the Loop service, DLG has switched to plant-based packaging and is implementing real change. DLG decided to start that journey with their Bristol site.

DLG chose Vegware to meet the needs of the catering teams in their busy restaurants, as well help them reach their sustainability targets. Their used Vegware is collected on Vegware’s Close the Loop Bristol collection service and taken for composting in Gloucestershire. With Close the Loop, DLG knows that waste is processed locally, and the compost generated is used on local farmers’ fields.

“The support that was given to us by Vegware in terms of getting it right and getting the products right was second to none.” Charmaine Beth, Mainstay FM, Guest Services Manager.

Employees at their Bristol office are proud to be part of an innovative solution that improves sustainability in their city. Read more.

Vegware launches Scotland-wide collections to boost food and compostable packaging recycling


We’re happy to announce we’ve launched ‘Close the Loop’, a new composting collection service for our catering disposables. This new service now means that composting collections are available to businesses across Scotland, taking used Vegware and food waste for industrial composting into high-grade horticultural compost. Launched to mark Recycle Week and International Coffee Day, Close the Loop enables foodservice to recycle all takeaway packaging, not just cups.

Starting on our home turf, we’ve launched our own collection service to demonstrate producer responsibility and make collections accessible to businesses all over Scotland. We run the service ourselves and Close the Loop understands the best facilities to process compostable packaging and food waste. Waste from the Central Belt is composted at GP Green Recycling, near Glasgow. Initial Close the Loop clients include the Glasgow Science Centre and independent Edinburgh cafes Union of Genius and Pumpkin Brown.

“Our Scottish customers are delighted to have a solution for composting their packaging that’s easy to adopt and manage, and gives them the confidence that their waste is going to the right place,” said Eilidh Brunton, Vegware’s group recycling consultant.

Close the Loop is a disruptive model, a waste service which is flexible and competitively priced. Clients choose any collection day and have no contract ties. By piggybacking onto existing collections and using trucks that are already on the road, Close the Loop is a carbon-friendly service.

We’ve set up zero waste systems with collections for clients around the UK, including corporate clients from London to Aberdeen, and food fairs at River Cottage. Dundee and Angus College composts its disposables on-site, creating quality mulch in 14 days for its horticultural courses.

Our group recycling consultant, Eilidh Brunton, explained: “There are now some initiatives to separate out and recycle plastic-lined paper cups. That is a good start, but what about the lid, tea bag, stirrer, spoon and sandwich box? In reality, used takeaway packaging is a mix of materials contaminated with food, and goes to incineration or landfill. Our approach is simple: if it’s all made from plants, not plastic, and can be composted together with food waste, then there’s no sorting. All used takeaway items go together with food waste, and can be processed at industrial composting facilities around the UK in under 12 weeks. Catering waste can create high-grade horticultural compost, to feed the next generation of plants.”

Edinburgh Coffee Festival, on 14th October 2017, is aiming to be the UK’s first zero waste coffee festival, with support from us and Close the Loop. Our Environmental team has provided consultancy, signage and training, and all traders will be using compostable cups, lids and assorted disposables. All food waste, coffee grounds and used Vegware will be collected in Close the Loop bins and composted near Glasgow into high-grade horticultural compost.

Edinburgh Coffee Festival organiser Martin Dare, said: “We understand the challenges of recycling coffee cups, but it’s only through working with Vegware that we have found a solution to allow Edinburgh Coffee Festival to truly go zero waste. Cups are talked about the most, but making everything compostable keeps recycling simple. The measures we’re taking at the Festival are designed to demonstrate to a wider audience what compostables can achieve.”

We’ve made a short animation for social media introducing Close the Loop and exploring why recycling goes beyond cups.

Our new composting collection in Scotland 

Vegware’s compostable packaging is designed to be recycled together with food waste. Now we’re making recycling simple, launching our own collection service.

Close the Loop is a waste collection service for Vegware customers throughout Scotland’s Central Belt, ensuring their compostable packaging and food waste is collected for composting.

Our new service will provide a simple zero waste solution for Scotland’s foodservice industry. With collections in the Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Falkirk areas, all collected Vegware and food waste will be composted outside Glasgow at Blantyre. Catering waste will help feed Scottish fields; with high-grade compost created in just a matter of weeks.

The service is flexible for customers: there are no contract tie-ins, users can choose their own collection days and they can cancel or add collections with just 24 hours’ notice. We also provide a clean bin with every collection. To make Close the Loop even more of a success we’re also offering expert support in the form of free staff training and bin signage.

At Vegware, we take our producer responsibility seriously. Close the Loop is just one of the innovative ways we go beyond packaging.

If you’re interested in signing up to our collection service in Scotland or if you’d like more information, contact our Environmental Team at environmental@vegware.co.uk or call them on 0131 564 0313.