Compostable CPLA cutlery kit

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A kit of impressive matt plant-based cutlery - knife, fork, spoon, with a napkin. Great for hot or cold, and sturdy and strong enough to set into crunchy meals. Made from CPLA, a renewable material made from plants, and wrapped in compostable film. The unbleached napkin is made from recycled paper. Off-white colour, matt finish. Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants. Commercially compostable where accepted.
£74.13/Case 250
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Product specs

Case count
Items per pack
Packs per case
Product dimensions
Length: 220mm
Width: 65mm
Height: 17mm
Weight: 16g
Case dimensions
Length: 400mm
Width: 200mm
Depth: 370mm
Volume: 0.03m3
Pallet count
UK: 48 cases
EU: 50 cases
EAN number
Gross weight: 4.800kg
Net weight: 4.100kg
Outer packing weight: 0.600kg
Inner packing weight: 0.100kg
Pack weight
Pack weight: 4.100kg
£39.70/Case 200
£16.18/Pack 50
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10in bagasse plate

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£72.07/Case 500
£11.83/Pack 50
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