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Sandwich and wrap boxes

Compostable sandwich wedges, supplied flat, easy to assemble. Plant-based PLA lines the inside for freshness and provides a clear window. Choose from a variety of designs and sizes. Pair with one of our write-on stickers! For cold food use only.

Sandwich wedges

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Whatever the size of your sandwich, we have the wedge for you. Lined with a water-based, anti-grease coating. Plant-based PLA windows.
£146.27/Case 500

£106.24/Case 500

£121.61/Case 500

Triple 85mm kraft sandwich wedge

Temporarily out of stock
£142.12/Case 500

Wrap boxes

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Stylish wrap box. Grease-resistant, water-based coating. Easy to use crash-lock closure.
£119.92/Case 500

Sandwich sofa and bloomer bag

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Bloomer bag and sandwich sofa perfect for pastries, cookies and sandwiches. Bloomer bags are made from recycled paper with a NatureFlex window. Sandwich sofa is made from plant-based PLA.
£41.47/Case 250
£33.54/Pack 125

Sandwich cards

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Baguettes, hot dogs or even a row of doughnuts. Sustainably-sourced board that can sit discetely under sandwich to provide a secure base.

Kraft baguette tray

In stock
£109.42/Case 500