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Honey-coloured waxed sheets, and greaseproof paper in a variety of designs, to wrap or line your hot or cold food to go. Or, custom print your greaseproof paper. For cold food, our clear PLA sheets offer great visibility and freshness.

Waxed deli sheets

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Excellent grease resistance. Sustainably-sourced unbleached paper is a natural honey colour. Both 12in and 15in comes in their own handy dispenser for easy use.
£184.86/Case 3000
£98.89/Pack 1000

£119.59/Case 3000
£64.08/Pack 1000

£62.02/Case 2000
£25.11/Pack 500

PLA sheets

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Food wrapping sheets for cold food. Made from plant-based PLA.

300 x 400mm clear PLA sheet

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£105.12/Case 1000


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Made from FSC-certified paper. Choose from chlorine-free white, unbleached honey colour, or our stylish bakery, grill or Green Tree collection. Custom print also available.
£29.62/Case 1000

£26.15/Case 1000

£30.45/Case 1920

£30.57/Case 1000

£50.89/Case 1000

£30.45/Case 960

£46.44/Case 1000

£24.59/Case 500

£29.21/Case 500