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Do you want to use your logo and brand colours, but still demand Vegware packaging? Our in-house custom print service helps you brand our award-winning plant-based and compostable catering disposables.

Our custom printed double wall hot cups have a low MOQ and a quick turnaround of 3-5 weeks!

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Add a splash of colour. Here's how it works.

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1. Choose your product

Many of our products can be custom printed. See a full list of your options further down this page.

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2. Send us your artwork

We can use your images, logos and graphics to put your design together, or ask for one of our product templates and create the design yourself!

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3. Review & approve

We will send a digital proof of your design before it goes into production. Once approved, we’re good to go!

Why custom print?

Regardless of your companies size, brand visibility is vital when trying to connect with both new and existing customers. Our custom printed products are the perfect way to build brand awareness, promote your business and show off your unique identity. Stand out from the crowd and let people know who you are. 

  • Commercially compostable
  • Plant-based materials
  • Quality print finish
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We print hot cups and so much more!

Add special effects like embossing and foil stamps, or even a tear-off tab to transform your cup into a promo voucher or lottery ticket. Our Pantone vs CMYK guidance sheet helps explain printing colours.
EU & EEA clients need to choose from our new cup designs - read more.

5,000 Full colour CMYK
5,000 4 Pantones
6,000 4 Pantones
10,000 4 Pantones
10,000 Full colour CMYK
10,000 4 Pantones/Full colour CMYK
(on white or brown paper)
15,000 4 Pantones
20,000 (33cm and 40cm)
40,000 (cocktail)
2 Pantones
30,000 5 Pantones
50,000 4 Pantones
2 Pantones/Full colour CMYK
2 Pantones/Full colour CMYK
50,000 2 Pantones/Full colour CMYK
50,000 4 Pantones
50,000 4 Pantones
50,000 6 Pantones
50,000 6 Pantones
100,000 5 Pantones
100,000 4 Pantones
100,200 4 Pantones

Custom print FAQs

Let us answer your questions about custom printing.

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Are custom printed products compostable?
Yes. As with all Vegware, our custom print products can be commercially composted where accepted.
What do I need to provide for a custom print product?

We need your logo and any additional text and artwork elements you may want included. We ideally require these in a vector format, however, depending on the product, we may be able to use high resolution jpegs (300dpi or higher). Please include instructions if you have a specific idea in mind for your artwork.

If you order through one of our distributor partners, please send this information directly to them.

How much do you charge to put artwork together?
Our Creative team will spend up to an hour on a custom print request and, if needed, can amend the design based on your feedback. Over and above this first free hour, we will charge a flat rate for each additional amendment.
What happens once my artwork has been created?
We will send you a digital proof of your artwork so that you can approve the colours, sizing and positioning before it goes to print.
How do I make sure the colours are correct?
We ask that you provide CMYK values or Pantones codes to ensure colours come out as you expect. These values will also be stated on the digital proof so that you can sign off on them.
How do I decide between Pantone or CMYK colours?
Please refer to our Pantones vs CMYK guidance sheet.
What types of finish are available for double wall hot cups?
We can print on either matt or gloss board, depending on your preference. Matt board is slightly textured and is similar in finish to recycled paper. Gloss board is smooth and shiny, ideal if you want your colours to be more vivid.
What kind of inks are used for custom printed products?
All of our products are printed using vegetable or water-based inks, and the finish is great.
Can I design my own custom print artwork?

Yes! If you would like to design your own custom printed products and have access to Adobe software, please get in touch so that we can supply you with the correct templates and guidelines.

If you order through one of our distributor partners, please contact them directly for this information.

What file formats do you work with?
If you are providing your own artwork, we accept Adobe Illustrator (.ai), editable .pdfs or .eps files.
How long will it take for me to receive my custom printed product?
Timing varies based on the product, design and quantity ordered. Please contact our Customer Service team who can provide a more detailed timeline.

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