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Bagasse tableware

Made from reclaimed sugarcane, bagasse is a stylish eco alternative to polystyrene suitable for hot and cold food. Natural fibres provide an economic and sturdy tableware that's more rigid than paper plates, and can take hot, wet or oily foods.


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Round bagasse plates for hot or cold appetisers, meals, snacks or desserts.

6in bagasse plate

SKU: SL-P006
In stock
£40.90/Case 1000
£8.48/Pack 125

7in bagasse plate

SKU: P011
In stock
£28.41/Case 500
£4.85/Pack 50

9in bagasse plate

SKU: P013
In stock
£43.98/Case 500
£7.34/Pack 50

10in bagasse plate

SKU: P005
In stock
£55.52/Case 500
£9.19/Pack 50

£45.67/Case 500
£7.61/Pack 50


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Bagasse bowls for hot porridge or cold cereal, warmed brownies or frosty ice cream.
£27.22/Case 500
£4.66/Pack 50

£27.22/Case 500
£4.66/Pack 50

14oz bagasse bowl

SKU: L044
In stock
£34.01/Case 500
£5.75/Pack 50

Square plates

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Eco plates sturdy enough to pile on food, whether hot or cold.
£41.85/Case 500
£7.00/Pack 50

£32.43/Case 500
£5.49/Pack 50

£42.27/Case 500
£7.07/Pack 50

£75.28/Case 500
£12.35/Pack 50

Source-reduced bagasse

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Economic and just as sturdy, using less material so natural resources go even further.
£23.81/Case 500
£4.11/Pack 50

£39.59/Case 500
£6.64/Pack 50