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Bon appetit bowls

Our newer creation, a range of wide bowls and lids for the ultimate in style and versatility. Our 185-Series Bon Appetit bowls have a top diameter of 185mm (7.3 inches), offering a glorious wide-angle view of your lunch.

Paper food bowls

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PLA-lined paper bowl and vented lid are great for a wide range of hot and cold food – serve up steaming curries or cold colourful burrito bowls – in style!
£64.87/Case 300
£17.60/Pack 50

£58.63/Case 300
£15.94/Pack 50

PLA food bowls

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Our PLA bowls and lid are perfect for serving cold meals.

£50.09/Case 300
£20.34/Pack 75

£72.15/Case 300
£29.16/Pack 75

£80.35/Case 300
£32.44/Pack 75