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We run our own composting collections for Vegware clients in Central Belt Scotland, UK.

We collect clients’ used Vegware and food waste for commercial composting. In under 12 weeks catering ‘waste’ turns to high-grade compost that helps feed future crops.

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Close the Loop

What is it?

Close the Loop is Vegware’s own trade waste collection service, taking used Vegware packaging and food scraps for commercial composting.

Close the Loop

Who is it for?

Small cafes, large catered offices, tourist attractions, sports venues, and all sorts of staff dining areas.
We can work through your facilities management, waste provider or contract caterer.
We aren’t able to service events or temporary locations.
Close the Loop

Where does Close the Loop collect?

We collect from Glasgow through to Edinburgh, and Central Belt up to Dundee. Get in touch about your site!

Close the Loop

How much does it cost?

Our collection service is competitively priced. Get in touch for a quote.

Close the Loop

How do I get set up?

Just get in touch and get signed up. Vegware’s in-house Waste Management Consultants support you every step of the way. We can provide bin signage and expert help to get you started.

Close the Loop

What happens to the waste?

We take it to a Scottish in-vessel composting facility – curious to see it? Go on a virtual journey from cup to compost with this 360-degree film! Your used Vegware creates quality compost, to feed Scottish soils and help grow new plants.

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Just fill out a couple of details and we’ll be in touch with information about composting opportunities specific to your area.

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Award-winning service

We’re on a mission to help Vegware clients access commercial composting. We have worked with the waste sector since 2010, creating partnerships around the UK, helping our clients go zero waste.

We knew our Central Belt Scotland clients wanted a composting solution,
so 2017 we set it up ourselves.

Vegware’s Close the Loop has won awards for creating a sustainable waste management solution for foodservice businesses. We’d love to help you achieve your packaging recycling goals.
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