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Bags to go

Wide range of eco bags for baked goods and sandwiches. Choose from windowed, paper or clear options.

Bloomer bags and sandwich sofa

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Lined for freshness, our bloomer bag is great for cold pastries, cookies, and of course, square cut sandwiches! Use the sofa to keep sandwiches cosy within our bloomer bag.

Paper PLA window bags

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Paper flat bags with clear windows made from plant-based PLA. For cold food only. Greaseproof options are great for sticky pastries and filled paninis.
£48.83/Case 1000

£63.15/Case 1000

£50.68/Case 1000

£34.97/Case 1000

£45.22/Case 1000

NatureFlex bags

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Made from NatureFlex, a home compostable clear film made from wood pulp.
£70.38/Case 1000

£96.03/Case 1000

£73.95/Case 1000

£96.90/Case 1000

£82.62/Case 1000

£92.70/Case 1000

PLA sandwich bags

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Clear and white flat bags with Vegware eco messaging in green. Clear windows made from plant-based PLA. For cold food only.
£93.20/Case 1000

£108.18/Case 1000

£104.31/Case 1000

£80.80/Case 1000

Paper bags

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Classic strung bags for hot or cold baked goods and dry foods. Choose from fully recycled kraft brown or sustainably-sourced white paper which has been bleached using an eco chlorine-free process.
£11.32/Case 1000

£11.39/Case 1000

£15.15/Case 1000

£12.93/Case 500

£13.75/Case 1000

£16.52/Case 1000

£20.10/Case 1000

£16.24/Case 500