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Whether you're new to delivery or continuing your delivery service, Vegware has you covered with our range of plant-based food-safe catering disposables to package and deliver hot and cold food & drink.

Pizza boxes

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Perfect packaging for the foods you crave, made from sustainbly-sourced board.
£17.50/Case 100

£24.89/Case 100

£34.73/Case 100

£28.63/Case 50

Food cartons

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Versatile kraft board cartons with a compostable grease-resistant lining. Leakproof webbed corners and fold in flaps give a secure closure. 
£80.73/Case 450

£67.12/Case 280

£39.58/Case 150

£60.41/Case 180


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Selection of eco napkins, made in the UK, and commercially compostable with food waste where accepted.
£72.26/Case 6000
£5.12/Pack 250

£66.45/Case 4000
£6.95/Pack 250

£51.52/Case 4000

£69.04/Case 2000
£5.83/Pack 100

£33.02/Case 2000
£2.95/Pack 100


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Our eco cutlery is sleek, strong, sturdy, and perfect for hot or cold food. Available in a variety of materials and colours.
£51.03/Case 1000
£4.39/Pack 50

£51.03/Case 1000
£4.39/Pack 50

£51.03/Case 1000
£4.39/Pack 50

6in wooden fork

In stock
£37.54/Case 1000
£6.31/Pack 100

6.5in wooden knife

In stock
£37.54/Case 1000
£6.31/Pack 100

6in wooden spoon

In stock
£37.54/Case 1000
£6.31/Pack 100

£47.83/Case 2000
£4.13/Pack 100

Takeaway boxes

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Bagasse is a stylish eco option to polystyrene, perfect for hot and cold food, plus wet and oily dishes. Made from reclaimed sugarcane, natural fibres provide an economic, sturdy takeaway box where hot food won't sweat inside them, so fish & chips stay crispy and pies don't get soggy.
£47.83/Case 500
£7.96/Pack 50

£80.87/Case 500
£13.24/Pack 50

£59.53/Case 500
£9.83/Pack 50

£86.08/Case 500
£14.08/Pack 50

£55.37/Case 500
£9.16/Pack 50

£42.32/Case 200
£17.23/Pack 50

£71.23/Case 500
£11.70/Pack 50

£36.47/Case 200
£14.89/Pack 50

£47.86/Case 200
£19.45/Pack 50

£51.47/Case 200
£20.89/Pack 50

£50.53/Case 200
£20.52/Pack 50

Salad boxes

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Windowed boxes perfect for cold salads, sweet treats and bites to go. Sustainably-sourced kraft board with a grease-resistant water-based lining. Clear windows made from plant-based PLA.
£81.76/Case 300

£99.32/Case 300

Sandwich platters

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Compostable kraft board sandwich platters for your eco catering needs. Fully laminated for freshness, with a clear window made from plant-based PLA to present cold foods like sandwiches, deli platters, brownies or cookies.
£80.20/Case 50

£23.36/Case 50

£21.22/Case 50

Deli containers

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Incredibly popular, one lid fits all sizes for added efficiency in serving, stacking and saving space. For cold food use.
£46.18/Case 500
£7.69/Pack 50

£57.03/Case 500
£9.43/Pack 50

£66.52/Case 500
£10.95/Pack 50

£77.80/Case 500
£12.75/Pack 50

£116.71/Case 500
£18.98/Pack 50

£30.21/Case 500
£5.14/Pack 50

Bon appetit bowls

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Our newer creation, a range of wide bowls and lids for the ultimate in style and versatility. Our 185-Series Bon Appetit bowls have a top diameter of 185mm (7.3 inches), offering a glorious wide-angle view of your lunch.
£64.87/Case 300
£17.60/Pack 50

£50.09/Case 300
£20.34/Pack 75

£58.63/Case 300
£15.94/Pack 50

£72.15/Case 300
£29.16/Pack 75

£80.35/Case 300
£32.44/Pack 75

Sushi trays

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Tray and lid combos made from plant-based PLA. Black base with clear lid creates the perfect presentation for cold food platters like cookies, sushi, cheeses and deli selections.
£51.26/Case 300

£97.73/Case 300

Gourmet range

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Bagasse bases, including one with a dip compartment, for hot or cold food. Match with our size 4 lids, choose our patented bagasse lid for hot food, and clear windowed or PLA lids for cold.
£71.72/Case 600
£9.87/Pack 50

£65.30/Case 600
£9.01/Pack 50

£85.32/Case 600
£11.68/Pack 50

£153.73/Case 600

£62.83/Case 600
£8.68/Pack 50

£105.47/Case 600
£14.37/Pack 50

Bloomer bags

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Lined for freshness, our bloomer bag is great for cold pastries, cookies, and of course, square cut sandwiches!

Compostable carrier

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Strong eco carrier bags, made from a blend of PLA and PBAT, to carry hot takeaway boxes or food shopping. Barcode for retail. On-pack messaging encourages shoppers to reuse as a food waste caddy liner.
£96.27/Case 500