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Fast food and pizza

Perfect packaging for the foods you crave, made from sustainably-sourced board.

Kraft food trays

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Serve street food in style with our grease resistant food trays, think warm savoury macaroni and cheese, loaded nachos or sweet treats.
£36.63/Case 1000

£44.29/Case 1000

£49.97/Case 1000

£40.04/Case 500

£50.91/Case 500

Hot food cones

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Perfect for warm winter nuts and fries all year long. Plus, handy for portion control.
£52.81/Case 1000

Kraft chip scoop

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£81.33/Case 1000
£6.81/Pack 50

£81.33/Case 1000
£6.81/Pack 50


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Sturdy compostable pizza boxes and slices.

Pizza slice tray

SKU: TA009
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£57.45/Case 1000

£17.50/Case 100

£24.89/Case 100

£34.73/Case 100

£28.63/Case 50