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Takeaway boxes

Bagasse is a stylish eco option to polystyrene, perfect for hot and cold food, plus wet and oily dishes. Made from reclaimed sugarcane, natural fibres provide an economic, sturdy takeaway box where hot food won't sweat inside them, so fish & chips stay crispy and pies don't get soggy. Chosen by award-winning chefs for premium presentation.

Hinged boxes

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One of our most popular lines, made from a sturdier grade of material than others on the market.
£47.83/Case 500
£7.96/Pack 50

£59.53/Case 500
£9.83/Pack 50

£55.37/Case 500
£9.16/Pack 50

£71.23/Case 500
£11.70/Pack 50

£29.19/Case 200
£11.98/Pack 50

£36.47/Case 200
£14.89/Pack 50

£47.86/Case 200
£19.45/Pack 50

£51.47/Case 200
£20.89/Pack 50

£50.53/Case 200
£20.52/Pack 50

£51.40/Case 250
£41.42/Pack 125

Source-reduced bagasse

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Economic and just as sturdy, using less material so natural resources go even further.
£43.06/Case 200
£17.53/Pack 50

Heavyweight hinged boxes

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Extra strong, offers even greater heat retention.
£80.87/Case 500
£13.24/Pack 50

£86.08/Case 500
£14.08/Pack 50

£42.32/Case 200
£17.23/Pack 50

Chip trays

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Perfect for chips, street food, curries, salads and more.
£38.37/Case 500
£6.44/Pack 50