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Hot cup extras

We launched our innovative CPLA lids in 2009. Tight fitting, made from high-heat plant-based PLA. Plus we have kraft coffee clutches, wooden stirrers, carry trays and sugar sticks in the first-ever plastic-free wrap. Use our Series numbers to match your lid to cup.

Cup & lid guide

White hot cup lids

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Tight fitting, sleek design in off-white.
£102.73/Case 2000
£4.41/Pack 50

£56.73/Case 1000
£4.84/Pack 50

£55.52/Case 1000
£4.75/Pack 50

£59.00/Case 1000
£5.02/Pack 50

Black hot cup lids

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Tight fitting, sleek design in matt black.
£57.89/Case 1000
£4.94/Pack 50

£60.34/Case 1000
£5.13/Pack 50

Sugar sticks

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Sugar sticks wrapped in the first plastic-free wrap. Choose Fairtrade white or brown sugar, printed with the Faitrade logo, or Stevia, a natural plant-based sweetener. Recyclable with paper or compostable with food waste!
£14.92/Case 1000

£17.42/Case 1000

£28.55/Case 1000

Kraft clutches

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Compostable kraft brown clutches slip easily over our cups. Small fits our 79-Series hot cups. Large fits the 89-Series. Plain in design, or brand with our custom print service.
£31.92/Case 1000

£33.19/Case 1000

Cup carry trays

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Handled two- or four-cup trays made from recycled pulp in unbleached grey. Or choose our splittable 4-cup carry tray made from reclaimed pulp, perforations let you easily split it into two 2-cup trays!
£21.95/Case 160

£38.53/Case 250

£74.75/Case 200


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Made from pure untreated birchwood, sustainably sourced. Choose shorter size for 8-12oz hot cups, the longer for 16oz and up.

5.5in stirrer

In stock
£30.43/Case 10000
£5.17/Pack 1000

7.5in stirrer

In stock
£26.38/Case 5000
£4.53/Pack 500